middle aged woman seated in backyard

Persistent Pain Therapy

When you are living with constant pain, you want relief that lasts. Our therapy team can provide you with the treatment you need to calm an over-active pain response.

When you come to Providence for persistent pain therapy, our experts in pain management, physical therapy and rehabilitation help you understand and manage your pain response. You get the information, tools and resources you need to live with less pain and return to the things you enjoy.

After an illness, injury or disability, you may need to relearn how you think about pain. When we understand how pain works, we experience less of it. And, we can do a better job of knowing how to help ourselves and our health care providers. 

Our brains create the pain we feel – not our bodies. Here’s how it works: 

  • Your body might send a danger signal to your brain. 
  • Your brain decides whether the signal is a big problem, a small problem or something to ignore. 
  • Your brain can decrease or increase the danger signal by sending pain information back and forth. 

The more excited the pain signal system becomes, the more likely you are to feel pain or worsening pain. 

The treatment choices we offer focus on teaching you techniques that help you: 

  • Be more active 
  • Move more easily 
  • Reduce your pain over time

Your treatments may include learning:

  • How to safely reintroduce activities without flaring up your pain response
  • How your pain process is something you can change and control
  • Relaxation techniques to quiet your stress (fight or flight) response
  • To move smoothly and easily
  • To retrain your mind to be less afraid of pain and injury