Cancer Institute

World-class Pancreatic Care

As experts in pancreatic cancer surgery, the Cancer Institute is powered by a highly connected network of cancer specialists who care for more than 700 pancreatic cancer patients each year. It should be noted that only a small number of pancreatic cancer patients qualify for surgery, and surgery is only one component of pancreatic cancer treatment.

The Cancer Institute is a leader in cutting-edge treatments. Using a truly multidisciplinary approach, patients have access to advanced diagnostics, minimally invasive surgical interventions, and personalized genomic and immune-oncologic treatment options. Our team of cancer specialists – many of whom completed fellowships and specialty training at prestigious academic centers – offers comprehensive services for individuals with a cancer diagnosis

Streamlined Referrals and Shorter Wait Times

If you have a patient who is a candidate for pancreatic surgery, finding the right specialist can be challenging. Our Patient and Provider Engagement Center is designed to ensure that everyone receives the appropriate care when it’s needed most.

Our highly trained team can help get your appointment scheduled quickly – a huge relief when every day counts. To get started call 844-552-2734 or complete an online request form.

Ongoing Care Management

Referring physicians can expect to keep abreast of your patient’s progress. We will promptly share test results, procedures and next steps. Our specialists are here to supplement the care you’re already providing. We respect the relationship you’ve cultivated with your patients, and we partner with you on their journey, returning them to your capable hands and community as soon as possible.