Mother Gamelin Quotations

I pray that you always love the poor and that peace and unity be always with you.

Our resources are the treasures of Divine Providence.

I placed my retreat under the direction of Our Mother of Sorrows; to her now I look for guidance. (1849 Retreat, 8th day)

As long as our community shall be attached to the three roots of humility, simplicity and charity it shall endure; but if you should seek to graft upon it other branches however beautiful they may appear to you, you will only grow wild fruits and our own will lose their savor.

What gratitude do I not owe Thee for so many benefits.

Thou hast been good and merciful in my regard.

Give me the courage to accomplish thy designs upon me.

To be a child of the Mother of Sorrows we must expect to bear the cross in this world.

Let us reflect that God loves us since He chastises us as a father.

O my God, I thank You for the grace of my religious vocation. You alone inspired me to follow You.

Fortified by the merits of my Savior, my heart is filled with new hope.

Life is so short…and we are so afraid of self-sacrifice!

Much kindness and great Charity for the neighbor.

I went before the Master and confided in His infinite mercy.

Confidence in God and peace at the foot of the Cross!

Come what may all is permitted by Thee, my God.

The crosses which seem so heavy to me are the rungs of a ladder leading to heaven.

It is at the foot of the cross that I shall seek courage in the trials of life.

Lord, my desire is to follow you to Calvary.

Humility, simplicity, charity, above all charity.