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Doris Onnis, RN

Accepting New Patients
Speaks: English

About Doris Onnis

Doris Onnis, RN, has always been interested in babies. As a child in her hometown of Yakima, Wash., she would ask to go to the newborn nursery to admire the babies. In middle school, she would call the hospital every New Year's Eve just after midnight to ask if the year;s first baby had been born.

In her practice, Doris has a philosophy of care that means: 1) engaging the person, 2) making eye contact, 3) entering a person's world with a kind heart, open ear and a gentle hand, 4) educating and empowering a patient, and lastly 5) enjoying the process.

Her focus is on providing comfort and confidence. Doris emphasizes meeting patients where they are with their health care needs, encouraging patients to trust their intuition, and allowing parents to define a strategy of care that works best for their family.

Doris and her husband moved to Oregon over 20 years ago. They have four adult children. In her free time, Doris enjoys sewing and has developed a logo for baby blankets and quilts that she sews herself - "Wrapped With Love." Her other hobbies include scrapbooking, baking and preserving fruits and vegetables from her home garden.

Clinical Interests

  • Lactation Support
  • Postpartum Care
  • Virtual Care