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William B. Kilgore, MD

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Providence Medical Group Humboldt
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About William B. Kilgore

Dr. Kilgore is an orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements. He also provides fracture care, knee arthroscopy, hand surgery (carpal tunnel and trigger finger releases), and takes care of many nonoperative orthopedic conditions. In addition, Dr. Kilgore provides much of the emergency orthopaedic care for our community.
Dr. Kilgore has been a member of the community since 2006. He enjoys living and raising his family in Humboldt while providing a local option for excellent orthopedic care.
Dr. Kilgore attended U.C. San Diego, one of the best medical schools in the nation. He then did his orthopaedic training at the Penn State/Milton S. Hershey program in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This allowed him to get a rigorous training while living in a beautiful rural setting.
Dr. Kilgore’s main interest is providing a local option for minimally invasive hip and knee replacements. He has performed thousands of joint replacements. He does anterior total hip and minimally invasive knee replacements. These tissue sparing surgeries preserve muscle and have a faster recovery.
Why leave home when cutting edge, minimally invasive procedures are available right here?
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Medical Groups & Affiliations
Providence Medical Group Humboldt
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