Providence App Resources for Caregivers

We strive to support our caregivers in easing the way for patients through the Providence app. With the app, patients can access health info and care, wherever they are.

Watch how to use the app and enroll your patients. Visit the Providence App Toolkit to learn more.

The Providence App

Now with MyChart – and more – in one seamless experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The Providence app is a patient’s personalized connection to the great care and services we’re known for. It is available for iPhone and Android devices.

The app enables patients to access: MyChart (their electronic health record), same-day care, and get personalized content and care recommendations just for them – wherever they are.

MyChart (electronic health record)

Patients can easily take advantage of MyChart’s benefits like:

  • Accessing their health info 24/7
  • Messaging their care team
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Video visiting with their provider
  • Saving time by checking in
  • And more...
Same-day care

Patients can find and schedule with ExpressCare or get in line at a convenient Urgent Care. In addition, patients can see a qualified provider in minutes with ExpressCare Virtual.

Personalized content and care recommendations

Patients can use the app’s smart assistant to navigate our care system and get personalized recommendations. In addition, the app enables us to deliver a unique experience tailored to our patients’ individual needs.

Patients can use their MyChart username and password to sign in or easily create a new account from within the app.

The MyChart app contains all the electronic health record features patients will expect and need. The Providence app seamlessly includes the MyChart app’s features and experience, but it also has unique benefits beyond what the MyChart app can offer:

  • It enables patients to easily access same-day care
  • It delivers personalized content and care recommendations
  • It connects patients to our brand, ministries, and providers

This means patients will not need to install both the MyChart app and the Providence app. Patients will be able to access MyChart's latest look and feel and new features from within the Providence app.

First, we recommend all patients sign up for a MyChart account if they have not already, as that will ease their way in accessing their electronic health record.

Once they have a MyChart account, they can simply visit on their smartphone to download the app.

Then they can use their MyChart username and password to sign in and enjoy all of the app’s features and benefits. If a patient gets the app before creating a MyChart account, they will be prompted to register in the app, and later they can gain access to MyChart features (their electronic health record) from within the app.

We know that patients expect and are more likely to act when they hear about technology like the Providence app from their care team. So, here are a few steps you can take:

  1. Try out the app for yourself. Download it at:
  2. Enroll every patient in MyChart. You can easily send them a text or email right from Epic.
  3. Help every patient get the Providence app. Simply have them visit: