EpicCare Link

Connecting Community Partners with the Providence EHR

EpicCare Link is a secure online portal that provides convenient access to patient information stored in the Providence St. Joseph Health Epic EHR. EpicCare Link is currently available by Epic Instance: Alaska, Washington-Montana, and Oregon-California with some CareEverywhere functionality based on role. Having a shared health record across the Providence St. Joseph Health system and sharing information with our community partners helps us create an excellent, consistent level of care across the regions we serve. EpicCare Link also allows for easy, paperless referrals, and there is no software or hardware to install.

With EpicCare Link, access to patient information is configured to each user’s role – giving them access to just the information they need.

Common EpicCare Link users 

  • Office staff of affiliated physicians and providers
  • Skilled nursing facilities, hospice, long-term care facilities, and home health agencies
  • Community physicians who do not have inpatient privileges
  • Non-affiliated community services such as ambulance, blood banks or tissue banks
  • Remote rural hospitals and health clinics

Did you know? Hospital-affiliated physicians and providers, as well as employed providers access Epic through Epic Hyperspace and typically do not use EpicCare Link.

EpicCare Link features

Depending on a user's role and access level, they may be able to view:

  • Patient demographics, chart review, histories, and problem list
  • Orders placed by physicians
  • Hospital admissions
  • Discharge summaries
  • Consultation notes
  • Office visit notes
  • Radiology images
  • Cardiology studies
  • Laboratory test results and pathology reports
  • Result notifications
  • Scanned documents
  • EpicCare Everywhere information
  • Benefits and eligibility
  • Insurance information
  • Surgeon's surgery schedule
  • Post discharge requests sent via the Epic CCSC module

When to Request Information from Community Technologies

Providence St. Joseph Health Community Technologies is built for independent hospitals and provider clinics – who want to remain independent – looking for affordable, comprehensive, proven and supported healthcare technology products and services. Please visit PSJH Community Technologies to submit an inquiry.

How to Request EpicCare Link Access to PSJH Instances

  • Clinical Informatics Managed Groups

    Roles that may request EpicCare Link access

    • Referring Providers
    • RN/MA for Referring or Active PSJH Providers
    • Clinical Support Staff for Referring or Credentialed PSJH Providers
    • Organ Procurement Organizations
    • 3rd Party Billers for a Medical Practice
    • Discharge Placement Facilities such as Skilled Nursing, Long Term Acute Care, Home Health and Hospice

    Process for requesting Clinical EpicCare Link access for a new organization (Non-HIM managed)

    Below is a generic process flow that is applicable to most organizations, but specific steps may vary depending on the organization type.

    1. Submit a request through the intake form.
    1. Wait to receive contact from your regional representative, there is some work that needs to happen in the background. (Please also note that not all organization types are being granted access at this time, if your organization is one of these types we will discuss other options with you)
    • Your representative will confirm receipt of your submission and may have follow up questions.
    • They will provide agreements for you to fill out and return.
    • Upon receipt of all legal agreements they will request for your organizational records to be created in our system.
    • Once your Organization has been built, your representative will contact you about onboarding users.
    1. Once users have been on-boarded the fulfillment team will begin creating their accounts.
    • To onboard users their Full Legal Name, Full SSN, Full DOB, Role, and some other information will be required. 
    1. Upon completion of account creation the User LifeCycle Manager (ULCM) will receive confirmation that the accounts are ready to claim.
    • In most cases this also means the EpicCare Link access is ready to use. However for some Organizations there is additional build before they will be able to receive referrals.

    Submit Access Inquiry


    Region Email and Fax
    Alaska  PSJHEpicCareLinkAK@providence.org
     Fax: 907-212-5616
    California  PSJHEpicCareLinkCA@providence.org
     Fax: 310-303-6146
    Oregon  PSJHEpicCareLinkOR@providence.org
     Fax: 503-216-4584
    Montana  PSJHEpicCareLinkMT@providence.org
     Fax: 406-203-9769
    Eastern Washington  PSJHEpicCareLinkEasternWA@providence.org
     Fax: 509-392-5687
    Western Washington  PSJHEpicCareLinkWesternWA@providence.org
     Fax: 360-486-6272
    Kadlec  PSJHEpicCareLinkKadlec@providence.org
     Fax: 509-392-5681
    Swedish  PSJHEpicCareLinkSwedish@providence.org
     Fax: 206-860-6552
    Texas  PSJHEpicCareLinkTX@providence.org
  • Health Information Management (HIM) Managed Groups

    Roles that may request EpicCare Link access

    • Auditors
    • Insurance companies
    • Medical examiners
    • Durable medical equipment companies

    Submit Access Inquiry

    Health Information Management (HIM) Contacts

    Organization Email and Fax
    Providence  PHSHIMEPICCARELINK@providence.org
     Fax: 971-721-2172
    Swedish  HIMAffiliateAccess@swedish.org
     Fax: 206-320-7194
    Kadlec  WAKRMCHIM.EpicCareLink@kadlec.org
     Fax: 509-942-3091
    Hoag  hoagmedicalrecords@hoag.org
     Fax: 949-764-8237

    For access to Covenant Health: The form isn't available at this time for Covenant Health requests. Please contact the Medical Records Department at the facility you would like to receive records from.

    Release of Records

    Please also note that not all organization types are being granted access at this time. If your organization is one of these types you will need to present a Release of Records, signed by the patient, to the local Health Information Management department to obtain a copy of the appropriate medical records.

    If required, send signed Release of Records to:

    Organization Email and Fax
    Providence  Fax: 503-215-0405
    Swedish  ROI@swedish.org
     Fax: 206-320-2626
    Kadlec  roi.mailbox@kadlec.org
     Fax: 509-392-5682
    Hoag  hoagmedicalrecords@hoag.org
     Fax: 949-764-8237