HealthStream Instructions

To complete your training in HealthStream please use the following Steps. Frequently asked questions are in detail below.

Step #1 - Accessing your Student File

  • You must LOG IN by entering a User ID & Password
  • If you need assistance with your # please call PALI 907 261-3011
  • DO NOT CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD! It is your unique identifier for the Health Stream System

Step #2 - Finding a Class and Registering

  • Single click on the "Catalog" tab
  • Enter the title of the course in the search box
  • Single click on the title line of the class (it will be highlighted in blue)
  • Single click on Enroll in this Course button
  • Scroll down and single click on the underlined course
  • Single click on the Register button to the right of the class you wish to attend
  • After you register for the class, you will see a message that states "Registration Successful"
  • IF you change your mind, or if you registered for the wrong class, time or date, you may single click the DROP button at this point and your registration will be cancelled
  • IF you are satisfied you have registered for the correct class, you can single click on another tab or single click the LOG OUT button on the top of the screen.
  • NOTE: If you cannot complete a course, HealthStream will automatically bookmark your progress.
Frequently asked questions
How do I get to the HealthStream site?

HealthStream login

How long will the courses be?

The course length will vary. Courses are typically designed to take about 30 minutes.

How do I know which courses I have to do?

Each staff member will be assigned a personal list of courses to complete. This list will be available to you by clicking on the “My Courses” tab at the top of the screen.

How will my manager know that I have done them?

Managers can run reports showing who has completed or not completed assigned courses.

Can I print a certificate?

Yes, for the HealthStream authored courses. For all other courses, your transcript will allow you to print a certificate by clicking on “View”.

What happens if I don’t pass the course?

If you don’t pass the first time, the course will remain on your list of assigned courses, and you can try it again.

Will there be printed copies of the courses?


What if I forget my password? How do I get another?

Your password never changes. Since this is a unique identifier that HealthStream recognizes, you must never change it.

What should I do if I need help in using the HealthStream system?

Each department has a trained resource person(s) who can help. You may also call the HELP Desk, ex 3044, to have basic questions answered.