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Horizon House

3339.2 miles away
Fax: 907-212-5360

Horizon House

Fax: 907-212-5360
3339.2 miles away

It is our hope and vision that every elder feel as welcomed and comfortable as one would when they visit a friend. If we are able to change uncertainty into confidence, hopelessness into hope, and loneliness into the realization that you have a new circle of friends that support you, then our vision is fulfilled.

Providence Horizon House is for seniors no longer able to live alone comfortably or safely. We promote dignity and well-being by encouraging continued participation in the responsibilities and freedoms of life. Providence Horizon House team members encourage residents to be as independent as possible, by giving the opportunity to make individual choices, yet having assistance at hand, if needed.


Apartment style living is offered for those who require assisted living needs and we also have two cottages for residents with Alzheimer's disease and other memory disorders.

Our 375-square-foot studio apartments feature a kitchenette, private bath, and on-site library and hair salon activities while our specialized cottages feature both private, and semi-private rooms.

Short stay/respite rooms are available, please call 907-212-5340 for more information.

Facility tours

Seniors and their families are welcome to tour the community. Please call 907-212-5340 to arrange a personal tour of our facility.


Choice, privacy, dignity and independence are cornerstones of this assisted living community. Residents live in their own studio apartment and receive assistance as needed with everyday tasks. The community has several common areas, including a dining room that connects with a courtyard; parlor; activity room; computer lab; study and other quiet areas. The facility also has a full-service hair salon and a chapel with weekly church services.

Quality services

Providence Horizon House offers a wide range of services for residents who regularly or occasionally require them:

  • 24-hour assistance with activities of daily living
  • Three meals a day, served in a pleasant dining area
  • Medication assistance and oversight
  • Weekly housekeeping services
  • Daily social and recreational activities
  • Laundry and linen services
  • Emergency call systems in each apartment
  • Health promotion programs
  • Transportation for group activities and outings

Each studio apartment at Providence Horizon House is approximately 370 square feet. All apartments are wheelchair accessible and have private bathrooms and showers, microwave ovens, refrigerators and sinks.

Community living

Providence Horizon House residents are encouraged to participate in their community through the Resident Council, planning committees and resident led activities. Community life is enhanced by our active group of volunteers who share a variety of talents, from bingo calling to poetry reading.

Facility tours

Seniors and their families are welcome to tour the community. Please call 907-212-5340 to arrange a personal tour of our facility.

Birch and Spruce are our Assisted Living Cottages for residents with Alzheimer's disease or other memory disorders. These cottages are the first of its kind in Anchorage.

What sets the cottages apart from other assisted living apartments is that we tailored our home and our services to our residents' special needs - from room design to staff training, The result is a philosophy of caring for our residents like family.

The cottages are attached by a walkway to the Horizon House apartments, and the goal in its design was that a resident never feels lost. Everything about the cottages, from bathroom design to staffing has been determined by best-practice research on Alzheimer's building design and care planning.

Having the look and feel of a family home, the cottages are designed with "memory-triggers" so that a resident can come out of his or her room and immediately see what is going on, see familiar items such as a dining room table and wander easily to activities.

Special features of the Birch and Spruce cottage include:

  • 2 large cottages with 11 bedrooms in each cottage
  • Assistance with activities of daily living
  • Life enhancing activities designed around dementia care

An emerging philosophy in the care for people with Alzheimer's is that services should be designed to fit the demands of the disease and not the other way around, That's what we've done in developing the cottages.

Our goal is to help seniors requiring additional assistance find a home at Providence Horizon House.

All people interested in moving in to our Assisted Living program are encouraged to tour the facility as a first step. Please call 907-212-5340 to schedule a tour. If that is not possible a application will be mailed directly to you.

After the tour, an application will be given to the perspective resident. Upon receipt of the completed application, the intake coordinator will meet with the prospective resident to assess and discuss the application and the appropriateness of the resident for the home.

Daily rate

A monthly rate covers: rent, assistance with showering, dressing, grooming, and with mobility, 3 meals a day, weekly laundry and housekeeping service, health monitoring (check vitals: BP, Temp, Pulse), medication management, safety check every two hours, cable television connection, basic telephone, Social and recreational activities and transportation for out of building activities.

Additional things to keep in mind during the application process:

  • You must be 55 or older to reside at Horizon House
  • Horizon House is a non-smoking campus
  • Local newspapers can be delivered at your request
  • Pets are welcome upon arrival

Resident Application

Arts, Education and Entertainment Program

Our Horizon House arts, education and entertainment program strives to provide a variety of activities that will interest and appeal to residents. The program consists of spiritual, educational, creative, physical, and social activities. Out-of-home trips in the community are also a strong component of the program. The program offers activities seven days a week and we strongly encourage each resident to make art, education and entertainment a part of their daily life.

Some of the activities you would find at Horizon House include:

  • Spiritual Services (Rosary, Catholic Mass, etc.)
  • Social Hour
  • Shopping Trips
  • Bingo
  • Penny Ante
  • Poetry Club
  • Movies
  • Menu Committee
  • Manicures
  • Fitness Group
  • Resident Council
  • Baking
  • Crafts
  • Yoga and Stretching

The volunteer program at Providence Horizon House offers a wide range of opportunities to interested volunteers. Our volunteers are both men and women and range in age from teenagers to retired people.

We would love it if you volunteered and...

  • Shared your "special talent" with residents
  • Assisted staff during a resident outing
  • Played board games with a resident
  • "Adopted" a Resident
  • Sewed and mended for our residents
  • Took a resident for a walk
  • Went shopping with a resident
  • Assisted in activities
  • Ran your own activity
  • Read to a resident or a group of residents
  • Conducted a Bingo game
  • Lead an exercise group
  • Helped a resident write a letter
  • Adopt a "Grandparent"

This is just a small sample of the volunteer opportunities that are available at Horizon House. If you would like to offer a service that is not on this list or would like to get more specifics on how to become a volunteer, please contact our Apartment Activity and Volunteer Coordinator at 907-212-5351.

"Welcome to my apartment. My name is Shirley and I have lived at Horizon House for eight years. I decided to move to Horizon House to get that "little" extra help that I needed and a sense of security. They help me with my medications everyday so I don't have to worry.

The staff and other residents at Horizon House have become my family. The friendships that I have established here are very important to me. We enjoy daily events together, celebrating monthly birthdays and Holidays. I call Bingo on Saturdays with another resident. I enjoyed quilting in the past and here at Horizon House I get to showcase my talent and continue to work on crafts that I enjoy. I went to the fair this year with several other residents, exercise twice a week in our group, go on shopping outings and participate everyday in activities."

"When I came to Horizon House I brought my own furniture with me. This is my bed, hutch and book shelf. My apartment is furnished with my belongings and everything I need to make it my home. I have a large collection of bears and many quilts that I made displayed in my apartment. Moving to Horizon House was the right choice for me and I love it here!"