Mobile Mammography Coach

Have you seen our Mobile Mammogram coach parked at a local business or organization’s headquarters and wondered how that works? It’s simple! Your business or organization can schedule a coach visit to provide the same high-quality digital screening mammogram to your employees and employees’ dependents that they can get at Providence Imaging Center.

Mobile Mammogram Coach

Community, Non-Profit and Company Scheduling

To schedule, please contact our Mobile Coach Coordinator; call 907-212-4982 or complete our online form.

How to set up your own mobile site visit

Setting up your own Mobile site is not difficult. There is no charge for the Coach to come to your community, non-profit or company. Simply contact us to set up a date that works, and we will evaluate where to park and go over a few simple guidelines about scheduling, and how to best advertise the event.


The parking space needs to be wheelchair accessible. Please note that the walkways need to be clear of snow and ice, and have appropriate ramps if there are rough changes in elevation.


Scheduling information needed includes patient name and date of birth, clinician, previous mammogram location/year, patient’s work and home phone numbers (for registration purposes). Please note, we cannot do the exam without a clinician. Those women who are in need of a clinician can call the Providence Physician Referral line at 907-212-4900 for assistance.


We would like a minimum of 15 (20 for areas outside of Anchorage) women on the schedule in order to visit. We can screen up to 23 (25 for areas outside of Anchorage) women per day with our Mobile. If you think you will have more than 20 (25 for areas outside of Anchorage), it would be better to schedule two consecutive days. We would like to begin at 9 a.m. (we will arrive on site at 7 a.m.) or later and have the last appointment no later than 4:45 p.m.