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Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

It’s an exciting time for cancer care in our region. Together, the Tri-Cities Cancer Center (TCCC) and Kadlec are charting a path forward to ensure continuity and growth of well-integrated cancer care services for our region. The TCCC and Kadlec relationship unites cancer care services that have existed at both organizations and will streamline cancer care for patients and their families in our community. Through this integration, we will be enhancing cancer care in our region offering a full continuum of care that includes hematology, medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical specialties, research, genetics, palliative care, survivorship and support programs. It’s our privilege to provide outstanding cancer care and support to our region and we look forward to sharing additional details as necessary.

We’re accredited by the Commission on Cancer 

Commission on Cancer logoThe cancer program at Kadlec has earned three-year accreditation with commendation by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer. This accreditation assures patients that they are receiving care that meets the highest standards. For more information on the Commission on Cancer, visit the Commission on Cancer website

National Accreditation Program for Rectal Cancer (NAPRC)

Proud to be an NAPRC-Accredited rectal cancer programAwarded by the American College of Surgeons, the accreditation is earned by meeting stringent standards for diagnostics, imaging and treatment. Kadlec was the first hospital in the State of Washington to achieve NAPRC accreditation and is one of only about 40 hospitals in the country. For more information about the NAPRC, visit facs.org.

National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC)

Proud to be an NAPRC-Accredited breast centerAlso awarded by the American College of Surgeons, this accreditation is granted to breast centers that have undergone a rigorous evaluation and review of their performance and standards, and have demonstrated their commitment to providing the best possible care to patients with diseases of the breast. Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center is proud to receive this accreditation. For more information about the NAPBC, visit facs.org.


The Foundation was established to support programs and services the Cancer Center provides to patients and their families at no cost. Your donation today will help patients and their families through their cancer journey and provides financial and spiritual support in facing this difficult disease. Click here to donate.

Classes and events

Click here to view available classes and events.

We offer a full continuum of care that includes:

It’s our privilege to provide outstanding cancer care and support to you and or your loved one. At Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center you are never alone in this journey as we will assist you with navigating every turn.

Please don’t delay necessary cancer screenings. Early detection saves lives. Don’t wait - get screened.

Though not a replacement for the colonoscopy, the Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center offers a free FDA-cleared test called a FIT, which stands for Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT). The test checks for hidden blood in your stool. The test is non-invasive and can be completed in the privacy of your home in as little as 5 minutes. If you are between the ages of 45-75 and would like to see if a FIT makes sense for you, please call 509-737-3422 for more information.

We offer a free mammogram coupon program to uninsured women who do not qualify for the Washington Breast and Cervical Health Program. The coupon is valid for screening or diagnostic mammogram or ultrasound per doctor’s order. The Mammogram Coupon Program is available at any time. If you are an uninsured woman, please ask for a referral from your primary care physician.

Men, if you are between the ages of 50-69 and are at average risk, have a conversation with your primary care physician to determine if screening for prostate cancer is appropriate for you.

Please speak with your primary care physician to determine if screening is appropriate for you.

Please speak with your primary care physician or gynecologist to determine appropriate screening.

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming and impact your life in a variety of ways. At the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, we understand that cancer care is more than treating a disease. So in addition to state-of-the-art technology, we also provide comprehensive support services to help you cope, recover, and move forward.

Our navigation team consists of oncology nurse navigators, social workers, a registered dietician and patient support services. Oncology nurse navigators help patients and their families understand, access and coordinate cancer care and necessary services. Our licensed social workers provide assessments and case management to patients and their families related to illness adjustment and coping mechanisms. These services are completely free. Stop by the Resource Center or call 509-783-9894 for an appointment.

Support groups

At the Tri-Cities Cancer Center, we offer a variety of support groups for those touched by cancer. Support groups offer a safe environment for patients, families, and friends to receive information, learn coping skills, help reduce anxiety, and share common concerns. Click here to find available support groups.

WellFit™ program

Cancer WellFit™ is a customized exercise program for cancer patients and cancer survivors. This program is a collaborative program between the Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center and the Kadlec Healthplex.

WellFit™ is a 10-week program designed for cancer patients and survivors who have become de-conditioned or chronically fatigued from their treatment and/or disease.

Personal trainers for the WellFit™ Program at the Kadlec Healthplex have undergone specific training on the rehabilitation of cancer patients. The goal is to help patients build muscle mass and strength, improve range of motion, and increase endurance and flexibility.

Participants must currently be in treatment or have completed treatment within the past 6 months. There is no charge for this program. Pre-registration is required. The Cancer WellFit™ Program is held at the Kadlec Healthplex.

To register, please call 509-737-3420.

Warrior sisterhood

Warrior Sisterhood’s goal is to empower local women with cancer or a cancer-related diagnosis. There’s no age requirement to join, but many women in the group are trying to balance a job, family and busy life along with their endless medical appointments and fears about a recurrence.

The Resource Center at the Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center is open to all cancer patients in our region, regardless of where they are being treated. The intent is to assist patients in looking and feeling the best possible during their cancer journey.

Often, the side effects of cancer treatment can leave patients feeling down and self-conscious. Through the Resource Center, a number of services and resources are available at no cost.

Please call 509-737-3432 for additional information or to schedule appointments.

Resource library

Open to patients and their families, the public, and students - the Ralph R. Peterson Cancer Resource Library provides a wealth of cancer information and educational resources for the entire community. It is ideally suited for those looking to learn about a particular cancer or find resources that make coping with cancer a bit easier. Patrons can find materials on various types of cancer, cancer-related nutrition, stories of inspiration and laughter, as well as the following:

  • Free internet access
  • Pamphlets, books, and videos on cancer and coping strategies
  • Volunteer librarian to assist with research
  • The library also offers a quiet oasis for patients and their families while onsite for treatment.

The library is open Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Virtual community presentation videos

Were you unable to attend one of our virtual community presentations? We have you covered. Here we will keep a list of our recorded presentations to view when you have the time.

Our Survivorship Clinic at your Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center is here for life after cancer.

Overcoming cancer and achieving survivorship is a milestone accomplishment. But when treatment is over many patients ask, “what’s next?” Our survivorship clinic provides survivorship care to patients of the Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center, as well as provide support to all three local hospital systems and their oncology patients.

In our Survivorship Clinic, we work with patients to:

  • Manage and identify side effects of treatment
  • Discuss potential long-term complications from treatment
  • Educate patients on how to avoid, as well as detect, a cancer recurrence
  • Encourage the development of healthy habits for overall health and well-being

In short, our Survivorship Clinic assists patients in achieving the best possible quality, and length, of life after treatment.

The Survivorship Clinic provides the bridge between a patient’s oncology team and their primary care provider. This is a critical element of survivorship. We work closely with each patient, and their providers, to be sure everyone has a good understanding of the patient’s unique needs.

Life after cancer just got even better. Ask your provider to refer you to the Survivorship Clinic at the Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center.

For additional information please call 509-737-3418.

Find a Doctor

At Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.


Radiation Technology

The Kadlec Tri-Cities Cancer Center continually invests in cutting edge radiation oncology technology, keeping patients close to home for their treatment and care.

Industry leader, Varian Medical Systems, has developed both of our treatment systems: The Edge radiosurgery system and the Trilogy stereotactic system.

Both systems offer radiosurgery, which opens the door for treatment options for patients who may not have had other options. Radiosurgery gives medical professionals new tools for treating more types of cancer and other conditions.