This little piggy walked to the market, this little piggy walked to work, this little piggy walked to school. Need motivation to start walking? Want to start an iWALK group in your neighborhood or at work? We’ll walk you through the process of getting started.

  • Individual Walker Starter Kit - This starter kit will help you discover that it’s easy to add physical activity into your day through the simple and enjoyable act of walking. The starter kit includes walking tips, a form to record your progress, and other useful information to get you walking— and keep you walking!
  • Walking Group Starter Kit - Some people find walking with a group more enjoyable than walking alone. It’s a great way to meet other people and can help create a safer and friendly community. If you prefer to walk with others, but haven’t found a walking group near you … start a group of your own! This starter kit will show you how.
  • Worksite Walking Program Starter Kit - This simple starter kit shows businesses the steps needed to create a successful and long-lasting walking program that helps energize employees.
  • Walking School Bus Starter Kit (English only site) - A walking school bus is a safe, fun, and social way for kids to walk to school and start their day off with a bit of exercise. This starter kit provides the basics for organizing and starting a walking school bus, and links to other ‘walk and bike to school’ resources.
  • iWALK in the Parks Starter Kit (English only) - A walk in the park is fun, social, inexpensive, healthy for your body and mind, helps you sleep, enhances concentration and connects you to nature. So why not walk in parks? This Starter Kit provides trail information for some amazing walks in Sonoma County Regional Parks. See the maps section for more ideas.
  • Walking Calculator: Find out how many calories you burned while walking! (English only site)
  • Calorie King: Find the nutritional value of the foods you eat. (English only site)
  • WomenWalking: Women can find other women walking partners to increase motivation and fun. (English only site)
Tip Sheets

There are many great walking trails and paths in the north Bay Area and coast. Find one that interests you and start exploring today!

Have a trail or path to add? Email Teresa Scott to add to the list of hiking maps in your area.

Please include the community or area, name of the map, length of the walk in miles and the full link to the map.

Coastal routes
Glen Ellen / Sonoma
Napa Valley
Rohnert Park
Russian River / Guerneville
Santa Rosa
Sebastopol and West County

Walking offers many physical, mental and social benefits. Walking is one activity that most everyone can do—regardless of age or physical condition. Walking ...

  • is fun
  • is a great way to share time with friends and family
  • can be done anywhere with little investment
  • lowers your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes
  • helps maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints
  • improves mental health
  • helps control weight
  • boosts energy levels
  • produces no greenhouse gas emissions
  • enhances concentration
  • gets you in touch with nature and your neighborhood

So, what are you waiting for? Put your best foot forward. Find a walk. Start a walk. Just walk! Together we will take our first steps toward a healthier community.

Contact us

Teresa Scott, St. Joseph Health - Work Healthy Live Healthy Supervisor
707-525-5300 x 3189

Portions of this website were adapted from the following programs: Healthy Shasta (Shasta County, CA) and Simple Steps (developed by the Dakota County Public Health Department, MN).

Fitness. Health. Academic Performance.

Regular physical activity is proven to improve health, enhance mood, and increase academic performance. iDo26.2 is an evidence-based program with long term outcomes of increased physical activity, decreased obesity, increased high school completion, and improved mental health. Additionally, iDo26.2 makes exercise a fun and positive experience that inspires families to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

Students walk, jog or run on a school grounds course at their own pace during school, after school or while walking and running with family members. Students work towards completing at least one marathon distance of 26.2 miles (13.1 miles for grades K-1) during the academic school year. Successful “marathoners” receive iDo26.2 FEET each five miles they complete and get an iDo26.2 T-Shirt in May. Also, each student receives an iDo26.2 Certificate and is recognized in a school assembly in May. CWB-iDo26.2 is privately funded and FREE for all schools and students in Sonoma County. 

  • iDo26.2 is FREE to all schools and students!
  • iDo26.2 has NO paid staff and is entirely volunteer run!
  • iDo26.2 receives NO district, county or other government support! iDo26.2 survives on donations to support the $4-per-student costs!
  • For the 2018-19 academic school year, 13,236 K-6 students from 69 schools are participating in iDo26.2! 

To learn more about the program contact: Karissa Moreno at KMoreno@nccwb.org.