Fitness. Health. Academic Performance.

Regular physical activity is proven to improve health, enhance mood, and increase academic performance. iDo26.2 is an evidence-based program with long term outcomes of increased physical activity, decreased obesity, increased high school completion, and improved mental health. Additionally, iDo26.2 makes exercise a fun and positive experience that inspires families to adopt a healthy lifestyle!

Students walk, jog or run on a school grounds course at their own pace during school, after school or while walking and running with family members. Students work towards completing at least one marathon distance of 26.2 miles (13.1 miles for grades K-1) during the academic school year. Successful “marathoners” receive iDo26.2 FEET each five miles they complete and get an iDo26.2 T-Shirt in May. Also, each student receives an iDo26.2 Certificate and is recognized in a school assembly in May. CWB-iDo26.2 is privately funded and FREE for all schools and students in Sonoma County. 

  • iDo26.2 is FREE to all schools and students!
  • iDo26.2 has NO paid staff and is entirely volunteer run!
  • iDo26.2 receives NO district, county or other government support! iDo26.2 survives on donations to support the $4-per-student costs!
  • For the 2018-19 academic school year, 13,236 K-6 students from 69 schools are participating in iDo26.2! 

To learn more about the program contact: Karissa Moreno at KMoreno@nccwb.org.