patient and nurse making a heart shape with hands

The Jack Loacker Center for Cardio-Oncology was developed to help people living with cancer continue to receive life-saving care. Some people being treated for cancer may have underlying heart conditions that may impact the types of cancer treatments they may receive. In addition, some cancer treatments may also directly impact the heart.

Our team of cardiologists works closely with oncologists, hematologists, radiation oncologists and other providers who specialize in cancer care. Cardio-oncologists diagnose, manage and treat heart disease in this vulnerable population as part of the oncology team.

International Cardio-Oncology Society Silver Center of Excellence award

The Providence Jack Loacker Center for Cardio-Oncology is recognized by the International Cardio-Oncology Society, with a Silver Status award, deeming it a Center of Excellence. This is the first distinction of its kind in Oregon, and only one of two programs west of the Mississippi to receive this recognition.

  • Monitoring for potential cardio-toxicities of certain chemotherapies
  • Heart rhythm evaluation in patients experiencing arrhythmias related to chemotherapy
  • Evaluation and treatment of structural heart disease
  • Risk-reduction strategies for patients living with underlying coronary artery disease
  • Lifestyle modification and coaching to help people with cancer live to their fullest potential

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