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Providence Laboratory Services of Oregon and Southwest Washington

503-215-6555 ( Laboratory Client Services)
503-215-6555 ( Laboratory Client Services)
503-215-4300 (Billing Department)
Fax: 503-215-3888 (1 Time and Standing Orders Fax)

Providence Laboratory Services of Oregon and Southwest Washington

503-215-6555 ( Laboratory Client Services)
503-215-4300 (Billing Department)
Fax: 503-215-3888 (1 Time and Standing Orders Fax)

Providence Laboratory Services proudly serves Oregon and Southwest Washington, completing more than 10 million clinical laboratory tests annually. With eight rapid response hospital laboratories and a comprehensive core laboratory, we are committed to providing the highest quality diagnostic testing for the patients we serve.

Providence Laboratory Services voluntarily participates in extensive accreditation programs, including the College of American Pathologists (CAP), the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and The Joint Commission (TJC). All Providence Health & Services laboratories are licensed under Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA) and accredited through either CAP or TJC, which both hold deemed status under CLIA.

Since the majority of testing is completed locally or regionally, you can expect turn-around times to be better than most other reference laboratory options. If you expect only the best from a laboratory, please visit us for your laboratory needs.

At Providence Laboratory Services, we have the instrumentation and technical staff to quickly and expertly process the diagnostic testing requested. Our services provide comprehensive diagnostic testing to aid in the diagnosis of the patients we serve.

Anatomic pathology

Our pathologists are experienced in a wide array of pathology subspecialties. This allows our team to effectively evaluate patient cases within our department. This allows ordering physicians to make diagnoses that are timely and accurate to select the optimum courses of treatment.


Our full-service cytopathology practice offers screening and diagnostic testing on gynecological, non-gynecological, anal cytology, and fine-needle aspiration/biopsy (FNA/FNB) specimens. We also offer rapid on site assessments of adequacy for FNAs.

Our Pap test options include ThinPrep® and SurePath™ that can be ordered as a reflex or co-test with HPV and with or without GC/Chlamydia (hyperlink to HPV info).

We apply immunohistochemical and molecular diagnostic tests to cytologic specimens. Our laboratory offers a full range (via collaboration with the immunohistochemistry pathology service) of ancillary markers on cytologic specimens in order to make optimal use of cytologic specimen.

Surgical pathology

Surgical subspecialties include bone and soft tissue, breast, genitourinary, gastrointestinal, head and neck, renal and neurological pathologies. Consulting and diagnostic services are also available to surgeons in gross dissection, frozen section techniques, history wave processing and straining. Other services include DNA analysis and molecular diagnostics.

Blood Bank

We perform the testing required to ensure those patient’s that need a blood transfusion are receiving a safe product, including a blood type and check for any unexpected red cell antibodies the patient may have made due to previous red cell exposure. Additionally, testing is performed on maternal patients in order to detect any potential fetal – maternal incompatibilities as well as a variety of tests that will help diagnose various disease states.


With over 400 clinical tests offered in-house within the Providence Oregon network, we provide comprehensive diagnostic workup strategies for rapid diagnosis and treatment of the patients we serve. Each rapid response laboratory is equipped with the diagnostic testing necessary to provide STAT results essential to emergency care of patients.

Flow Cytometry

Flow cytometry has revolutionized the diagnosis of many diseases especially blood based malignancies We provide interpretation of leukemia and lymphoma phototyping based on an eight-color analysis of a variety of antigens. By fluorescently labeling antibodies, we can help physicians identify tumor lineage for diagnosis and prognosis.

Microbiology/Molecular Diagnostics

Here at providence, we offer a full microbiological identification services.

New technology and recent developments in molecular biology have allowed us to understand the molecular basis for diseases. This technology provides physicians with the most valuable tools yet for making accurate diagnoses. Today we are able to offer everything from traditional DNA hybridization to nucleic acid sequencing and PCR. In addition, we continually invest in emerging technologies to keep up with the rapidly developing advances in this field.

Toxicology/Mass Spectrometry

Clinical mass spectrometry is considered the gold standard for small molecule identification and quantitation. Our mass spectrometry department has a comprehensive drug confirmation program which and quantitate over 30 individual drugs and their metabolites. We also provide TDM testing for immunosuppressant drugs as well as antiepileptics.

Specimen Management

Sometimes, mistakes are made when ordering or identifying samples before they make it to our laboratory. Our specimen management team ensures that our clients and patients stay informed about any issues with testing while the most efficient and accurate resolution is found. Our ultimate goal is to generate the right laboratory order for the right patient at the right time.

Billing/Revenue Cycle Test Authorization / Test Ordering

The clinical laboratory shall examine specimens only at the written or electronic request of a physician, dentist, or other person legally authorized (hereto collectively referred to as clinician) to use the findings of the laboratory examinations.

Claims for reimbursement shall only be submitted for tests that are appropriately ordered and performed.

Lab Interface

The Lab Resolution Team manages connectivity solutions for resulting such as secured portal web-based applications and HL7 interfaces between Providence’s Epic HIS and a clinic’s EMR/LIS systems. Project management and coordination for new IS integration and applications troubleshooting. Maintains account information, including provider updates and contact information. Acts as a liaison between clients and the Regional Lab for escalation of customer concerns and requests.


Referral Laboratory CLIA Certification Qualifying Criteria For all referral testing, the referring laboratory is responsible for the selection of quality criteria and for the monitoring of performance. The laboratory director of the referring laboratory is involved in the selection and annual review process. The Referral Laboratory must be Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendment, (CLIA) certified for high complexity testing. The certificate must be appropriate for the level of testing the laboratory performs and bills.

Providence Laboratory Services may refer some testing to separately accredited laboratories. This policy defines the requirements for assuring timely, cost-effective quality testing, reporting results, retaining records, and reviewing and selecting referral laboratories.

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Effective Aug. 14, 2023, the Core Laboratory located at 4400 NE Halsey Street, Suite 200A, Building 3, Portland, OR 97213 is owned and operated by Labcorp.