Second Opinion

Asking for a second opinion is common practice. It helps people to feel more confident about their health care choices.

Exploring a second opinion may help you make a more informed decision about your cancer treatment. It may also introduce you to advanced treatment options, if they are available for your cancer type and stage.

Cancer is a complex set of diseases, and the most effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. Many patients seek second opinions prior to initiating their treatment plans or during their cancer journey to see if they’re eligible for innovative new therapies – closer to home. 

Patients can send their scans and test results directly to Providence Cancer Institute for a second opinion, or schedule an in-person consultation. If they decide to continue treatment at Providence Cancer Institute, they meet with a multidisciplinary team of cancer specialists to determine an optimal and individualized treatment plan. Remember to gather all your medical records and check about insurance coverage before seeking the second opinion.