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Clinical Genetics and Genomics Program

2273.9 miles away

Clinical Genetics and Genomics Program

2273.9 miles away

Our Approach

Our DNA plays an important role in our health, and understanding genetic risks can be the first step in preventing disease. The Providence Clinical Genetics and Genomics Program can help you understand how genetics influence your health and ease uncertainty and anxiety. We focus on risk assessment, which helps us detect disease early and create a personalized plan to help reduce your risk of disease. 

Our licensed, board-certified genetic counselors and physician specialists (medical geneticists) accurately interpret genetic test results and diagnose complex diseases. With our program, you can expect the information you need and the compassionate, respectful care you deserve.

Providence Genomics now offers Galleri® MCED testing. This test can help detect cancer signals across 50 types of cancer from a single blood draw using innovative technology that has been extensively tested.

Before your appointment, you will be asked to complete questionnaires about your personal and family medical history. In some cases, medical records will be needed. Your risk assessment will be based on several factors, including the information you provide.

During your visit, we will:

  • Document your personal and family medical history and build your medical family tree.
  • Discuss your risk of certain medical conditions based on your personal and family medical history, a physical exam and data such as risk models.
  • Offer genetic testing if your history suggests you are at risk of a hereditary disease. Testing is done through a blood or saliva sample. If you are tested, we will talk again in a few weeks to discuss the results.
  • Develop a personal risk reduction plan.
  • Discuss important issues, such as who else in your family may benefit from this information.

Having a genetic consultation will help you understand the actual disease risks you face. If testing reveals that you are at high risk, our team will explain options to reduce that risk and steps for early detection. If results show you are not at high risk of a hereditary disease, you can have some peace of mind.

If you have questions about any of our services or are interested in scheduling an appointment, please call 818-748-4748 or email our program.

Learning about your genetics through a consultation and screenings can help your specialists:

  • Determine if you or family members have an increased risk of developing certain diseases.
  • Create a personal risk reduction plan, which may include enhanced screenings, lifestyle and wellness programs, medication and surgical options.
  • Develop a treatment plan specifically for you (if you have already been diagnosed with cancer, for example) and identify any other disease risks you may face.
  • Tailor your medication and dosages to your needs.

Health insurance typically covers consultations, which are separate from genetic testing costs and authorizations. Most insurance companies also cover the cost of genetic testing for people considered high risk for whom clinical testing would be appropriate.

In keeping with our Mission, Providence offers financial assistance programs that provide free and low-cost care to those who are eligible. Please contact us to inquire.

If you have health care coverage through an insurance exchange, the Affordable Care Act includes provisions for genetic testing.

The federal Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, known as GINA, protects people from health insurance discrimination based on genetic test results. Genetic information cannot be used to deny coverage, set rates or influence any form of underwriting.

GINA also protects against the use of other family members’ test results or medical history for health insurance discrimination and protects against discrimination by employers. GINA does not include provisions for life, long-term care and disability insurance.

Our Services

Our genetic and genomics testing services include:

  • Testing for adults with a personal or family history of inherited cancer, cardiovascular and neurologic diseases and other conditions.
  • Cell free DNA testing, often called MCED testing, a new technology that can screen for multiple cancers and many times predict where in the body the cancer signal is located.
  • Consultations on pharmacogenomics (PGx), which aims to personalize medical treatment based on how your DNA and body respond to drugs.
  • Whole genome testing, which creates a comprehensive map of a person’s genetic makeup and can be used to spot abnormalities in genes
  • Convenient same-day genetic testing for inherited cancer risks during a mammogram visit or as part of cancer care at Providence.
  • A Genomic Prevention and Wellness Clinic for individuals who want to know more about possible inherited risks that may not be obvious from their personal or family history.
  • Test evaluation for individuals who have had previous genetic testing and would like an updated or expert interpretation of their results. Individuals who want updated testing or a comprehensive risk assessment can also benefit from this service.
  • Opportunities to participate in clinical research studies on cancer prevention and early detection.

Same-day genetic testing services are available at our Burbank, Santa Monica and Torrance locations during a mammogram visit or as part of cancer care at Providence. We also offer telemedicine appointments to our patients throughout California. Please contact us if you would like to learn more about how we can help.

Meet the Team

At Providence, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.

Our Commitment to Care

“Providence Genetics uniquely combines the very latest in genomic technology and innovation for risk assessment and prevention while taking each patient as an individual and as a family. Optimizing screening with lifestyle prevention, we aim to change health care based on disease to well care focused on prevention.”

Ora Gordon, MD – Medical Geneticist

Clinical Genetics and Genomics Program

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