LA County and KidsCare Bereavement Services/Grief Support Groups

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At Providence LA County and KidsCare Bereavement Services/Grief Support Groups we understand the grief process and we know that healing takes time. We offer support to those in the community who have suffered the death of a loved one from any cause. Our experienced bereavement counselors are here to walk alongside you during this journey and provide support.

The loss of a loved one can present us with one of the most profound challenges we face in a lifetime. Grief is a necessary healing passage, and emotional and physical transition for which we can never truly completely prepare. It is a process which is unique, personal and complex.

For all of the uncertainty, one thing holds true; people must experience their grief in their own way and in their own time.

Our Team

The Bereavement Team is staffed by licensed professionals, graduate-level mental health interns and trained volunteers.

Our Services

If your loved one was on Hospice, the Bereavement Services team offers services to help you in your grieving process through the first 13 months after the death.

With grief and loss information, education and support, the bereaved have been shown to be better able to work through their grief and make healthy adjustments to the changes in their lives. The team offers a variety of services to meet individual and family needs including:

  • Educational and supportive materials mailed to the bereaved at regular intervals
  • Grief and loss support groups
  • Telephone calls for emotional support
  • One on one supportive sessions
  • Referral to appropriate community resources
  • Yearly memorial service

Support Groups

Grief support groups are for anyone who has lost a loved one, from three months to two years after the date of death. The grief support groups are offered to our bereaved families with Hospice and the general community.

To join a support group, please complete our form and a bereavement team member will contact you.

Contact Us

Bereavement assistance is available at any time during the provision of hospice care and can be accessed through your Providence team or by contacting the Bereavement team: 310-543-7267.