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Medical Staff Services

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The Providence Tarzana Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals website offers practitioners access to current events, policies, bylaws and other resources of interest. We welcome your feedback. 

The Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Staff and Allied Health Professionals website offers practitioners access to current events, policies, bylaws and other resources of interest. We welcome your feedback.

Since 1973, Providence Cedars-Sinai Tarzana Medical Center, recognized for its award-winning care, has provided inpatient, outpatient and emergency care for our San Fernando Valley communities. Our specialized services include orthopedics and oncology, as well as our heart and vascular care, with the only certified carotid stenting program in the area.

Physician Toolkit – Don’t Delay Care

For assistance, please contact us at:

Debbie Miller, CPMSM - Director Medical Staff Services
Regulatory Compliance, Medical Staff Bylaws/Rules and Regulations/Policies and Procedures, Medical Executive Committee, Physician’s Well-Being Committee, Radiation Safety Committee, Bylaws Committee, Nominating Committee
Email Debbie Miller
Phone: 818-708-5566
Fax: 818-708-7219

Charinna Avelino, CPMSM, CPCS, Manager, Medical Staff Services
New applications, Emergency Call Panel, Medical Staff Office oversight
Email Charinna Avelino
Phone: 818-708-5392
Fax: 818-708-5058

Dori Jasso, Medical Staff Coordinator
Department of Surgery, Surgery Peer Review Committee, Multi-Disciplinary Peer Review Committee, Cardiology Division, Cardiology Peer Review, Department of Pediatrics, Pediatric Peer Review, Utilization Review Committee
Email Dori Jasso
Phone: 818-708-5347
Fax: 818-708-5584

Karina Estrada, Medical Staff Coordinator
FPPE, Proctoring, OPPE, Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee
Email Karina Estrada
Phone: 818-708-5082
Fax: 818-609-2288

Cathleen Hagins, CPMSM, CPCS, Medical Staff Coordinator
Department of Medicine, Medicine Peer Review, Emergency Medicine Division, Performance Improvement Committee, Department of OB/GYN, OB/GYN Peer Review, Infection Control Committee, Patient Review and Coordination Committee
Email Cathleen Hagins
Phone: 818-708-5567
Fax: 818-708-5616

Noel Fagfoomsintu, Credentials Coordinator
Reappointments, Credentials Committee, Interdisciplinary Peer Review Committee, Expirables, CME program attendance/coordination assistant
Email Noel Fagfoomsintu
Phone: 818-708-5255
Fax: 818-708-5236

Medical Executive Committee

Effective July 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023

  • Chief of Staff: Charles Headrick, MD
  • Vice Chief of Staff: Arash Nourparvar, MD
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Christopher Ho, MD
  • Immediate Past Chief of Staff: Jeremy Shapiro, MD
  • Chief of Medicine: Alan Fozailoff, MD
  • Vice Chief of Medicine: Shahin Delkhah, MD
  • Chief of OB/GYN: Gil Bender, MD
  • Vice Chief of OB/GYN: Frederick Kohn, MD
  • Chief of Pediatrics: Ira Wardono, MD
  • Vice Chief of Pediatrics: Daniel Bruckner, MD
  • Chief of Surgery: Marc Cohen, MD
  • Vice Chief of Surgery: Andrew Fox, MD
  • Chair, Anesthesiology Division: Phillip Lau, MD
  • Chief of Radiology: Joseph Robinson, MD
  • Chair, Emergency Medicine Division: Eric Snyder, MD
  • Chair, Pathology Division: Bryan Lin, MD
  • Chair, Cardiology Division: Marc Ehrich, MD
  • Chief Executive: Nick Lymberopoulos
  • Chief Medical Officer: Howard Davis, MD
  • Director, Medical Staff Services: Debbie Miller

Providence Health & Services is proud of its history of partnering with physicians to create centers of excellence for quality patient care. Since the Sisters of Providence founded this ministry more than 160 years ago, the spirit of collaboration between Providence and its physicians has always been one of our greatest strengths. Here in California, we are particularly proud of our efforts to make Providence an attractive environment in which to practice medicine. These efforts recognize that physicians are essential to living out our healing ministry. We offer opportunities for diverse clinical practices and leadership development, all guided by our Mission of service.

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