Primary care for people 65+

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St. Joseph Heritage Tustin – Providence 65+ Health Center

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Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

St. Joseph Heritage Tustin – Providence 65+ Health Center

Mon - Fri: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Once you’ve reached your Medicare years, you’ve earned some advantages – like more time with your doctor, more help coordinating your care, and more support from people who truly understand the health needs of older adults.

As part of St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group, the Providence 65+ Health Center in Tustin is committed entirely to caring for people your age. When you choose us for your primary care, you'll get:

  • Faster access to appointments
  • More time built into your visits
  • A Health Advocate who helps you navigate your appointments and insurance
  • The backing of a complete, connected team focused on supporting your health and wellness

It’s easy access to everyone and everything you need to stay on top of your health.

We are located on the corner of Irvine Blvd. and Elizabeth Way in Tustin.

How to choose our doctors

We accept most Medicare Advantage plans. If you’re on an HMO, you can change your primary care provider within your plan at any time – there’s no need to wait for open enrollment. Your start date begins the month after you choose us. PPO members can switch doctors any time, as well.

Have questions about Medicare Advantage plans?

Let us help you find the right coverage. Learn more about Medicare.

We still provide care to people who are 62+ with certain medical conditions. Please contact the health center closest to you for details..

Our exceptional doctors and nurses provide the full range of primary care services for older adults, including:

  • Screenings, checkups and reminders
  • Preventive and wellness care
  • Managing and treating chronic conditions, such as high blood pressure, arthritis, heart disease and diabetes
  • Diagnosing and treating new health concerns
  • Women’s health care
  • Geriatric care
  • Assistance with aging in place
  • Medication management
  • Referrals to specialists
  • Coordinating all aspects of your care

Getting your primary care at a clinic that’s focused on people your age has a lot of advantages. At the Providence 65+ Health Center, those include: 

More time with your doctor

  • Faster access to appointments as soon as you need them
  • Longer visits so we can address all of your needs 
  • Unhurried time to connect on a personal level 

More specialized attention

  • Expert, board-certified doctors who focus their full attention on caring for people 65+
  • An entire team trained to support your needs as you get older
  • An annual health report summarizing your care and goals

More coordinated care

  • A health advocate who helps you navigate your care plan, including hospital and specialist care, and also facilitates insurance authorizations
  • A skilled nurse care manager who helps you manage chronic conditions, medications, and complex health issues
  • A cohesive team that works together to provide seamless care

More integrated services

  • Connected care that is fully integrated with the entire Providence family of resources, including:
    • Providence hospitals and centers of excellence
    • Our extensive network of trusted specialists in every aspect of health
    • Lab, X-ray and other imaging services

More ways to connect

  • 24/7 nurse advice line
  • Telehealth phone or video visits
  • Patient portal through the Providence App

We still provide care to people who are 62+ with certain medical conditions. Please contact the health center closest to you for details.

A Special Focus on Patients 65+

Our physicians personalize care for patients 65 and older. They spend more time with you, coordinate your care with specialists and offer convenient same-day and next-day appointments. Watch the video below to learn more.

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At St. Joseph Heritage Tustin – Providence 65+ Health Center, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.