Insurance & Health Plans

Most hospitalization insurance policies do not cover all expenses incurred. You are ultimately responsible for your account. In some cases, we may ask patients to pay the deductible and co-insurance portions before or during their stay. Some insurance plans require pre-certification prior to admission. Please follow all requirements of your insurance plan and make any arrangements deemed necessary by your insurance company.

Patients who are not insured will be asked to make a deposit either before or at the time they are admitted. The balance of the hospital bill can be paid when the patient is discharged, unless other arrangements have previously been made.

We accept most major health plans. Please check with your specific health plan for details regarding St. Mary Medical Center.

Which best describes your situation?

  • Your employer purchases your health insurance

    Your employer may offer several options, including HMO, PPO, or other variations of these types of plans such as EPO or POS. Learn more ›

  • You purchase health insurance yourself

    You now have choices, including Covered California, the health care exchange established under the Affordable Care Act. Learn more ›

    Considering Covered California? We can help.

  • You're eligible for Medicare

    For seniors qualifying for Medicare, you may opt to purchase Medicare Advantage or a Medicare Supplement plan. Learn more ›

  • You're eligible for Medi-Cal

    The Medicaid program for low income individuals and families is known as Medi-Cal in California. Learn more ›