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Heart and Vascular Center at St. Mary Medical Center

With services ranging from full-service diagnostic programs to open-heart and vascular surgery, St. Mary Medical’s Heart and Vascular Center provides essential cardiac care for all.

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24 hours a day, seven days a week

Heart and Vascular Center at St. Mary Medical Center

With services ranging from full-service diagnostic programs to open-heart and vascular surgery, St. Mary Medical’s Heart and Vascular Center provides essential cardiac care for all.

2207.8 miles away
24 hours a day, seven days a week

Heart Conditions We Treat

Our cardiovascular experts use the most effective therapies to treat even the most complex heart conditions.

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At Providence, you'll have access to a vast network of dedicated and compassionate providers who offer personalized care by focusing on treatment, prevention and health education.

Put yourself on a path for heart health 

St. Mary Medical Center's cardiac surgical team and cardiologists offer the latest cardiovascular treatments for patients with both minor and serious cardiac conditions. Some of the high-tech surgical treatments offered at St. Mary include:

  • Angioplasty
  • Intra-coronary stent
  • Rotational atherectomy (rotoblader)
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG)
  • Cardiac valve surgery
The best in heart attack care

The State Department of Health Services and San Bernardino County have designated St. Mary Medical Center as a STEMI Receiving Center (ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction), or heart attack treatment center. This means that our protocols, technology and staff consistently provide timely care and better outcomes for heart attack patients.

The Heart and Vascular Center makes use of advanced techniques and optimal treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Along with our cardiac catheterization lab and leading-edge cardiac rehab, cardiac treatments, diagnostics and services available include:

  • Cardiac catheterization
  • Intravascular ultrasound
  • Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCI)
  • Stents
  • Echocardiogram
  • Transesophageal (TEE)
  • Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  • Treadmill (stress) test
  • Thallium or cardiolite treadmill
  • Pharmacological stress test
  • Holter monitoring

St. Mary Medical Center offers an array of services specifically designed to address your heart care needs. Our specialty services and facilities include:

Cardiac rehab

Cardiac rehabilitation is a multidisciplinary program of education and exercise established to assist individuals with heart conditions to achieve optimal physical, psychological and functional status within the limits of their disease.

Chest pain emergency center

Board-certified emergency physicians and cardiologists, specially trained nurses and therapists offer the most technically advanced equipment and procedures for urgent cardiac care.

Open-heart surgical suite

Our state-of-the-art cardiac surgical suite is designed to meet the unique needs of patients who may require advanced cardiac surgery.

Critical care unit

For patients who need intensive and continuous care, this unit is comprised of specially trained nurses and support personnel.

Telemetry unit

This unit offers special services, including cardiac monitoring, post-operative pain management and cardiac rehabilitation.

St. Mary Medical Center and Loma Linda University Health are partnering to advance heart care in the High Desert. This will:

  • Raise the level of care in the High Desert, making it possible for patients to seek treatment close to home
  • Build St. Mary’s volume of cardiovascular services to improve its expertise
  • Create a path for the most seriously ill to seamlessly transfer to Loma Linda for next-level care

A team of six Loma Linda University Health physicians are available in an office adjacent to the hospital at 18310 Highway 18, Suite 200 in Apple Valley.

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Learn more about the partnership.

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  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for COPD
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Heart Attack
  • U.S. News & World Report 2023-24 High-Performing Hospital for Heart Failure

Why Choose Us for Your Heart Care

As part of a top-tier research institute, we provide the most innovative treatment, all in the comfort of your local community hospital. So you’ll receive the highest quality of care close to home. But top-rated care is just one of the reasons Providence Heart & Vascular Institute of Orange County sees more heart patients than any other health system in the region – here are five more:

The power of our network is one of the reasons more than 9,000 heart patients choose our Institute for their care each year. Our team of cardiovascular experts cares for patients across three world-class hospitals throughout the region. Every cardiovascular patient at Providence benefits from a collaborative network that includes award-winning physicians, scientists, researchers and caregivers across 51 hospitals in seven states.

Learn more about the Providence Heart & Vascular Institute of Orange County.

Our patients have been at the heart of everything we do for over 90 years. We know that putting patients first leads to the best outcomes. Your local heart care doctors meet regularly with other regional experts to discuss your case. These clinical specialty committees make sure you’re getting the best treatment, so you don’t have to visit another doctor or specialist yourself.

We also provide patients with a wide range of support services that extend beyond conventional treatment. Our offerings include everything from prevention and education to cardiac rehab, nutrition, pain management and spiritual care. We take care of your heart and all that it beats for.

We understand that the impact of heart disease is greater in some communities. Genetics plays a part, but unequal access to great health care is also a factor. At Providence, we make sure each of our patients has access to the best heart care. As part of this commitment, we offer translation services and print publications in multiple languages for our non-English-speaking patients. In keeping with our Mission, Providence offers financial assistance programs that provide free and low-cost care to those who are eligible.

We also prioritize community heart-health awareness through local events and outreach. One example is our Health Equity Hypertension partnership with the American Heart Association.

We value, respect and support the racial, ethnic, religious, spiritual, gender and sexual identities of each member of our diverse community. We aim to treat every patient equally and with dignity – whoever you are, and wherever you are in your journey.

Providence Heart & Vascular Institute in Orange County is proud to be deeply involved in the continual advancement of cardiovascular treatment and therapies. We offer a leading-edge cardiac genetics program. This program includes genetic counseling and testing to help patients with personal and family cardiovascular health histories. We’ll help you understand your risk and develop a care plan together.

As our patient, you can take part in one of our many clinical trials. These include FDA-regulated trials to develop new cardiovascular therapies. Providence also participates in national cardiovascular data registries to continually improve outcomes and patient care.  

Our cardiologists are experts in the most advanced therapeutic and surgical techniques. They take a team-based approach to your heart care, working with some of the best surgeons, heart specialists and nurse navigators in the region. Our team uses minimally invasive procedures whenever possible to improve outcomes and reduce recovery times.


Part of the Providence Heart & Vascular Institute of Orange County

  • We use minimally invasive procedures for structural heart care for improved outcomes and reduced recovery times.
  • Our award-winner cardiologists meet regularly to share their knowledge, so you know you’re getting the best structural heart treatment.
  • More than 9,000 heart patients choose us for their care each year.

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