Expert Tips and Advice for a Healthy Heart

Good sleep can improve men’s mental and overall health
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., explains how getting a good night’s sleep can improve men’s mental health and overall wellness.
Exercise and nutrition lead to optimal men’s health
Providence Chief Medical Officer Dan Getz, D.O., says exercise and nutrition is key to men’s health and wellness, including strong heart and brain health.
Synergy at the Advanced Care Center
With five specialty practices under one roof, patients experience optimal care with maximum convenience at the Providence Advanced Care Center.
Talking to an expert: The crucial role of nutrition in cancer care
In honor of National Nutrition Month® Alyssa George, MA, RDN, program manager at Oncology Nutrition, Providence Cancer Institute, talks about the important connection between cancer and nutrition.
Healthy eating tips for older adults
Eating a healthy, well-balanced diet is important as we get older. Providence Swedish Dietitian Meghann Karch has tips on how to eat healthy as you age.
Children’s Center Offers Free Group Classes in Snohomish County
The Providence Children's Center is a place where kids and families can learn about health and wellness in a fun and interactive way.
Providence Medical Group opens vascular clinic in Aberdeen
The Providence Medical Group (PMG) opened a vascular surgery and vein clinic in Aberdeen in December 2023 to better meet the needs of the Grays Harbor community.
Study of new heart-attack medication to begin in Anchorage
Anchorage Fire Department, Providence Alaska Medical Center and Alaska Cardiovascular Research Foundation to collaborate on study of a new medication for treating patients experiencing a heart attack.
The heart of the matter: The truth about heart health
Heart disease doesn’t just happen to people who are older than 40. If you’re in your 20s or 30s, you could be at risk, too.
Healthy heart, healthy life
You can make a big difference in how healthy your heart is. A Providence cardiologist explains some lifestyle changes you can make to avoid heart disease.
Genetic testing helped one woman and her family find answers
Susan Patcha had been living with high cholesterol since she was 17. Providence Lipid Clinic provided her with answers — for herself and for her family.
Cardiologist Q&A: When your heart skips a beat
With proper treatment, Afib patients can lead long, healthy lives,
When the Doctor Becomes the Patient
A life-threatening experience turns into a life-changing moment.
Bringing world-class procedures to remote patients
Learn how Providence is bringing top-tier research to its rural health programs so patients have access to lifesaving therapies – wherever they are.
Double the Expertise in Cardiac Care
Although he didn’t know it, Marc Friedant was close to having a heart attack before a Providence–Keck USC partnership team saved him.
Robotic heart surgery gives Jones a fast recovery and more energy
When Donny Jones needed heart surgery, he turned to Providence Spokane Heart Institute for an advanced, hard-to-find robotic procedure.
Dawn the survivor: A heart attack story
Do you know all the signs of a heart attack? Hear Dawn’s true-life story about recognizing the symptoms and getting help just in the nick of time.
Fast heart attack care saves Spokane man from a widow-maker
The cardiac care team at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center helped a Spokane man survive a widow-maker heart attack with fast, expert treatment.
What is genetic and genomic medicine?
What’s in your DNA matters. From your risk for developing certain diseases to what treatments might work best for you, it’s all written in your genes.
Providence Alaska Medical Center recognized for treatment of heart attack, stroke, diabetes
Providence Alaska Medical Center (PAMC) has received four American Heart Association Get With The Guidelines and Mission: Lifeline achievement awards.
Abigail turns two after open-heart surgery
In 2021, Abigail Kelly was born at Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital and admitted to the NICU. Today, Abigail is a thriving, two-year-old, and has had only one open heart surgery.
Losing Weight to Gain a New Life
At Providence Little Company of Mary’s Bariatric Wellness Centers, you’ll find supportive teams dedicated to patients’ long-term weight-loss success.
Reduce your sodium intake with small changes this summer
Make your summer barbecues and picnics low sodium events with these helpful tips.
Not a Minute to Spare
When teacher Annie Noguchi suddenly collapsed at home, a team of rescuers acted quickly to save her life.
Heart attack survivor reunites with nurse who saved his life
A Spokane man who survived a heart attack in 2022 recently reunited with one of the Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center intensive care unit nurses that saved his life
‘I had 3 months to live’: Heart transplant recipient shares gratitude
Patrice Krant had arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia. Her heart was failing, but thanks to Providence Heart Institute, she’s now feeling great a year after her life-saving surgery.
One lucky eye exam
TCAR, a leading-edge treatment for blocked carotid arteries, let Nancy Brown maintain her busy life.
Comprehensive guide to women’s health
Explore our in-depth guide on why women's health care needs differ, including heart health, pregnancy, pelvic health and more
Remaining at the Heart of Innovative Care
From minimally invasive procedures to leading-edge genetic testing, Providence’s cardiovascular care provides revolutionary and accessible options to patients.
8 ways to start lowering your blood pressure today
You can lower your blood pressure by making healthy changes in your life. Try these 8 science-backed tips to bring your blood pressure down.