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Your generous gifts to Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation fund programs for terminally ill children, special patient needs for families in financial crisis, grief support for kids and families, and a palliative care program for adults who aren't ready for hospice. Most importantly, you help ensure that no patient is ever turned away based on their ability to pay.

Providence Hospice of Seattle Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization. Our tax ID number is 91-2077378. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

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Volunteers are critical to our work

Providence Hospice of Seattle volunteers serve patients and families throughout King County. As members of our hospice team, volunteers play a key role in helping patients and families cope with practical, emotional and spiritual challenges at the end of life.

Being a hospice volunteer can be a deeply rewarding, even life-changing, experience. Volunteers gain satisfaction from knowing that they make a very real difference in the lives of those they serve. And volunteering with hospice can also foster increased self-awareness, as well as a greater appreciation of what truly matters in life.

To learn more about volunteering with Providence Hospice of Seattle, check out our current volunteer opportunities and find out how to apply. For more information, call 206-320-4000 or email

Interested in volunteering?

If you're interested in volunteering with Providence Hospice of Seattle, please review our current volunteer opportunities below and then submit a volunteer application. Once we've received your completed application, we'll contact you to schedule an orientation interview.

Please note

Volunteers must be 21 or older for all volunteer positions except administrative positions (administrative volunteers must be 18 or older). In addition, volunteers who are interested in working directly with patients and their families must not have had a personal loss within the last 12 months.

Online Volunteer Application

Numerous studies have shown that interacting with animals can have significant physiological and psychological benefits for people.

The presence of a friendly companion animal can help to lower blood pressure, reduce feelings of anxiety and isolation, and foster a greater sense of well-being. In fact, simply petting an animal can trigger the release of beneficial hormones that enhance mood

To make these therapeutic benefits available to our patients and their families, Providence Hospice of Seattle offers animal-assisted activities/therapy (AAA/T) as part of our Complementary Therapy program.
What is animal-assisted activities/therapy (AAA/T)?

Animal-assisted activities/therapy (sometimes referred to as "pet therapy") is a visit or series of visits from a volunteer AAA/T team (a handler and his or her dog) to a patient or family who has requested them through their hospice care team. These visits are intended to encourage emotional connection, alleviate stress and feelings of isolation, and promote self-esteem. They can also provide opportunities for life review and the sharing of memories and stories.

During a visit from an AAA/T team, the patient and/or family members can:

  • Pet, hug, or talk to the dog
  • Throw a ball for the dog to fetch
  • Give commands to the dog ("sit," "lie down," "get"); this can be especially empowering for younger patients and/or family members
  • Simply sit or lie quietly with the dog at their feet or by their side

Providence Hospice of Seattle is a registered facility with Connecting Canines and Delta Society, both internationally recognized organizations that set standards for animal-assisted activities/therapy. Our volunteer AAA/T teams are rigorously screened for appropriateness in working with hospice patients and families. Handlers and their dogs must pass a certification with a specialized hospice team evaluation. In addition, handlers must successfully complete our Core and Patient Care volunteer trainings.

What do AAA/T volunteer teams do?

Providence Hospice of Seattle's volunteer AAA/T teams visit hospice patients and families in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, adult family homes, and appropriate private residences. AAA/T teams are typically assigned to patients/families based on their geographic location and availability.

While the primary focus of each visit is on the interaction of the dog with the patient and/or family members, volunteer AAA/T handlers are also trained to be a compassionate presence and provide emotional support as needed.

How do I become an AAA/T volunteer?

To become an AAA/T volunteer with Providence Hospice of Seattle, you must:

  • Complete the certification with Connecting Canines or the Pet Partners Program with your dog and maintain current registration as a Pet Partners team
  • Perform at least three months of volunteer service with your dog as a Pet Partners team at another facility or organization
  • Submit a Providence Hospice of Seattle volunteer application and participate in an interview with our AAA/T program coordinator
  • Pass a team evaluation with your dog at Providence Hospice of Seattle
  • Complete Providence Hospice of Seattle's Core and Patient Care volunteer trainings (30 hours)
  • If interested in volunteering with our pediatric program, complete the Stepping Stones volunteer training (4 hours)

Please note that at this time, Providence Hospice of Seattle only accepts Pet Partners teams with dogs.

For more information, or to request that a volunteer application be mailed to you, please contact Volunteer Services at 206-320-4000 or 888-782-4445, or via e-mail at

Volunteer monthly documentation forms

If you're a current volunteer, you can download and print your own timesheets and monthly report forms.

Please print the forms and mail the printed forms to:

Providence Hospice of Seattle
Attn: Patient Care Volunteer Coordinator
2811 S 102nd St, Suite 220
Tukwila, WA 98168

To ensure patient confidentiality, please do not e-mail completed documentation forms.

Other forms for volunteers

You can download and print forms that can make it easier to write down information about your hospice patient or bereavement assignments, as well as respite forms that you can go over with caregivers when you're scheduled to provide respite in a home.

These forms are for your own use only and do not need to be returned to Providence Hospice of Seattle.