We provide free individual therapy services and support groups for adults ages 22 years and older, from Snohomish County, who have experienced sexual assault or have been impacted by sexual assault in their lifetime. This can include parents or guardians of children who have been sexually abused.

Services and Therapeutic Intent

We offer a trauma-informed approach through a variety of therapy styles. In these one-on-one sessions, we can:

  • Provide survivors with information about the traumatic effects of assault
  • Create opportunities for survivors to discuss and process their responses to trauma
  • Help clients create safe and appropriate boundaries
  • Address self-worth and development of greater self-empowerment
  • Assemble and utilize coping skills
  • Explore and build opportunities for healthy relationships
  • Regain sexuality by re-learning trust with intimacy and physical vulnerability 
  • Discuss the option of using Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing therapy, EMDR, to help you process your trauma

Please know that due to the high demand for services, there may be a waiting list. Our therapists can offer other referrals and resources upon request. To reach our therapy services, please call 425-297-5771 and select option 4.

For those who are under 22 years old, we can help you connect with a Child Advocacy Program (CAP) counselor provided by Compass Health.

Building a Safety Plan

If you are awaiting therapy services either with us or another group, you can still reach out to one of our advocates who can help you build a safety plan. What that might look like will change depending on the type of plan you feel you need.

It is important to keep your safety plan in a place that is easy for you to access in a triggered state, like your car, by your bed, or at your desk. If you find that some part of your safety plan isn’t working, we can help you edit it. If you need someone to talk to and cannot get ahold of one of the people on your plan, please call our 24/7 advocate line: 425-252-4800