Cancer Survivorship

Every year, cancer survivors and their guests have the chance to hear informative speakers and ask them questions, meet others who’ve had similar experiences, and learn about resources available to help at all points in the cancer journey.

2019 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Rob Hawke, Author and Comedian of Kicking Cancer’s Ass: A Lighthearted Guide to the Fight of Your Life and cancer survivor (keynote)
  • Integrative Cancer Care, Sleep & Nutrition (Erica Joseph, ND, LAc & Jenna Bailey, ND)
  • What Patients Need to Know about Genetic Testing (Katie Stoll, MS & Dominique Coco, MD)
  • Palliative Care Overview (Gregg VandeKieft, MD)
  • Harmony Hill Healing Retreat Presentation (Gretchen Schodde, Founder)
2018 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • “I Got Sick then I Got Better” – Jenny Allen (Keynote)
  • Assertive Communication Skills – Tommie Lane 
  • Three Wise Docs Walk Into a Cancer Survivor Celebration...Reflections on Decades of Cancer Patient Care – Jim Raymond, M.D., Jim Lechner, M.D., Rich Whitten, M.D.
  • Cancer Survivor Advocate Discussion Panel
2017 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Overcoming Adversity – Mack Dryden, humorist and writer, and two-time cancer survivor
  • Estate Planning for Cancer Survivors – Jonathan Sprouffske
  • Match, Mushrooms and the Microbiome: Optimal Health After Treatment – Cobie Whitten, Ph.D., Jim Lechner, M.D., Jim Raymond, M.D.
  • Cancer Survivor Discussion Panel
2016 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Cancer Survivorship and Relationship: Celebrating Authenticity, Connection and Sexuality – Anne Katz, Ph.D., RN
  • Getting Back to Yourself – Laura Nimon, OT
  • Being the Other: Companions and Friends – Cobie Whitten, Ph.D. 
  • Cancer Survivor Discussion Panel
  • Gynecologic Oncology Care & Minimally Invasive Surgery – Joshua Press MD
2015 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Looking for Laughter in All the Wrong Places - Scott Burton, 20 year cancer survivor and headline comedian. 
  • Survivorship Care Planning - Nora Gant, M.N., ARNP
  • Personalized Oncology- Genetics and Targeted Therapies - Katie Stoll, M.S., Dominique Coco, M.D., Jim Lechner, M.D., James Raymond, M.D. 
  • Community Palliative Care - Gregg Vandekieft MD
  • Cancer Survivor Discussion Panel
2014 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Broccoli, Blueberries, a Walk in the Park and a Good Night’s Sleep – Dr. Chad Aschtgen
  • Family Conversations About Legal Concerns – Jonathan Sprouffske, JD 
  • Cancer Survivor & Provider Discussion Panel
  • “One Mutant Cell” – Kathy LaTour, editor at large of CURE (Keynote)
2013 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Common Journey – Nick Beles, & Nan Thomas (Cancer Surviivor Son & Mother) 
  • Genetic Counseling – Kate Stoll
  • Foundation Office News – Foundation Staff
  • Cancercise – Jan Crawford 
  • Don’t Run On Empty – Laura Nimon/Karen Longo (Oncology Rehab Team)
  • “Jonna’s Body, Please Hold” – Jonna Tamases (Keynote)
2012 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Keynote: Cancer Survivorship and Quality FOR Life: Shaken, Stirred, Movin’ On! , Brad Zebrack, PhD, MSW, MPH
  • What’s New in Diagnosis and Treatment, Jiim Lechner MD, Jim Raymond MD and Rich Whitten MD
  • Natural Therapies for Post-Chemo and Radiation Symptoms, Chad Aschgten ND, FABNO
  • Family Conversations About Legal Concerns, Jonathan Sprouffske, JD
  • Living Well with Cancer, Cobie Whitten PhD and Gregg Vandekieft MD
  • Cancer Survivor & Provider Discussion Panel
2011 Survivorship Celebration Program
  • Dave Balch: Keynote Speaker
  • Ann Monaghan & Pat Justis: Tools for the Informed Patient
  • Chad Aschtgen:  Food, Vitamins and a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Cobie Whitten:  Emotional Adjustment
  • Jonathan Sprouffske (attorney with Connolly, Tacon & Meserve):  Cancer and Common Legal Concerns (e.g., living wills & estate planning)
  • Drs. Lechner & Haleigh Werner: Communicating with Your Providers