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Life is the reason we provide world-class health care.
At Providence we see more than patients. We see the life that pulses through each of us. Its twists and turns. Its ups and downs. And we're here for it all.
Life gives us purpose. It’s why each of our 51 hospitals and 1,000 clinics not only uses the most advanced treatments to improve medical outcomes, but also puts compassion and humanity at the heart of every interaction. You’ll notice our focus on humanity across every sector at Providence.
Rick in CICU room

Providence cardiac care team helps Spokane man survive heart attack with fast, expert treatment

Learn how Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center’s cardiac care team helped patient Rick Hosmer survive a “widow-maker” heart attack, in this moving video where Hosmer meets Sandy Hayman, one of the Providence nurses who saved his life.

120k caregivers

Our commitment to delivering world-class health care is made possible through the dedication of our 117,000 outstanding physicians, clinicians, nurses, and staff. They care for the whole person — body, mind and spirit.

28.5 million visits

Through our extensive network of hospitals and care facilities, we’re devoted to improving the wellbeing of rural and urban communities by expanding access to quality health care for all. In 2023, we had over 28.5 million patient visits.

$2.1B community benefit

For us, health care extends far beyond our hospital walls as a mission of service. That’s why in the past year, we’ve invested $2.1 billion in initiatives that improve the health and wellness of the communities we serve.