MyChart Single Sign-On Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is single sign-on or SSO?
    Single sign-on allows patients to have one set of login credentials to access all Providence applications. 
  • Why is single sign-on being used?

    This will improve the patient experience so you only have to remember one login, and it allows for greater medical record security, compliance and improved usability. 

  • I see a change in the MyChart website when I log in. Why is that?
    You may notice a slight change in the look and feel of the website while signing in. This is our new process, and all your MyChart data will be available.
  • Will my old username and password change after MyChart Single Sign-On launches?

    No, your old username and password will not change.

  • Will I be able to change my password?

    If you forget your password, you can click “forgot password” and the system will send you an email with a verification code, which will allow you to reset your password. 

  • What happens if I forget my username?

    If you forget the username, you can click “forgot username” and the system will send you an email with your username.

  • Is inputting my personal information safe when signing up for an account? 
    Prove is our third party tool for identity verification to create an account. This is secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • Will I still get my messages after the new single sign-on?

    Yes, all your MyChart related functionalities will remain the same.

  • Whom do I call if my activation code does not work?

    Activation codes expire after 45 days. If your activation code is not working, you can call the Patient Engagement Center at 833-395-2035 for help.

  • I don’t see the drop down for care location anymore on the MyChart landing page. Why is that?

    Single sign-on has removed the care location drop down as that was confusing. Now patients can simply sign in using their username and password to log in.

  • My verification failed, but I have everything correct on the flow. What is wrong?
    If your information does not match our records, please call the Patient Engagement Center for assistance at 833-395-2035.
  • I see the sign in asking to give username or email. What should I put?

    Input either the username or email you used when you created your account.