Get-Support if you are home and cannot leave

 Get-Support, a user-friendly, browser-based tool to get assistance or assist those in need. 

Troughout the evolving COVID-19 pandemic, people everywhere are finding themselves increasingly isolated, coping with health concerns, school closures, economic shocks and a host of other disruptions. The scope of this challenge requires groups to come together in new ways to support each other, increasing support networks far beyond existing pools of friends and family.

The Get-Support website is designed to do just this, matching those in need with those willing to help within groups such as churches, temples, and mosques, and other community organizations. Individuals can request both goods and services through Get-Support, from the delivery of daily living requirements such as groceries and toiletries, to assistance with services such as yard work, childcare, or even just to reach out for a compassionate call.

Note: While the Get-Support platform can be used to request and support a variety of needs, please refrain from requesting assistance that lists specific medicines or medical equipment that might be considered sensitive medical information. Donors and recipients can coordinate information of this nature directly between both parties. For questions on how best to coordinate sensitive requests, please contact your organization leader directly. 

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