Providence leaders host Ideagen Power Chat on environmental stewardship

Recently Ali Santore, Chief Advocacy Officer and Elizabeth Schenk, Executive Director of Environmental Stewardship at Providence engaged in conversation at the Ideagen Global Leadership Summit, focusing on the Providence commitment to carbon negativity, why it's important, and what actions they are taking.

Watch the video.

Key takeaways:

  • The increase of natural disasters in recent years has shown the deep connection between the health of our planet and the health of our communities, which is why Providence has pledged to become Carbon Negative by 2030.
  • The healthcare industry in the United States emits the same amount of gases as all of Great Britain, so healthcare has a major role to play in environmental health and sustainability leadership initiatives.
  • Providence has developed several initiatives in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including building health, providing education, reducing inequalities, and climate action.
  • The WE ACT Framework developed by a cross-divisional leadership team addresses the carbon impact across the entire Providence network by aiming to reduce emissions via Waste, Energy & Water, Agriculture & Food, Chemicals, and Transportation. We will only be successful if WE ACT!

“We know at Providence that you can’t have healthy people without a healthy planet, so we really want to use our national voice to inspire others.”

-- Ali Santore

Providence knows that we cannot act alone, and we welcome the opportunity to partner with others to improve the health of our planet. This is why we have formed partnerships with several organizations, including the Healthcare Climate Alliance, the We Are Still In Coalition, the Race to Zero, and Healthcare without Harm. 

Learn more about Providence's commitment to being good stewards of the environment.



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