Providence celebrates the launch of Malawi's first midwifery led ward


Providence is thrilled to celebrate the launch of Malawi’s first midwifery led ward! Globally, infections in newborns are three to 20 times higher in low-income countries in part due to lack of water, hygiene, and sanitation (WASH), but Providence's financial support for half of the ward’s renovations ensures WASH is safeguarded through the provision of water tanks, faucets, running water, latrines, sinks, and wash stations. Managed by the Malawian Ministry of Health, the site is anticipated to train up to 520 midwives and strengthen maternity care for more than 9,000 deliveries by 2024, providing a replicable model for other parts of the country.

Providence is grateful to have partnered with Seed Global Health on this high impact project. Responding to global urgency, Providence has made WASH spotlight a priority with our international partnerships around the world since 2014.

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