Providence Saint Joseph Earns Award for Patient Safety Excellence

Providence Saint Joseph Earns Award for Patient Safety Excellence

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center received Healthgrades’ 2023 Patient Safety Excellence Award today, placing it among the nation’s safest acute care hospitals.

Karl Keeler, chief executive at Providence Saint Joseph, credited its culture of “high reliability,” which drives efforts to recognize that health care workers’ greatest responsibility is the safety of their patients and one another. Clinical caregivers are required to take part in a training that emphasizes safety and teaches techniques and behaviors that have been proven to reduce error and improve safety in high-stress environments, such as health care.

“This commitment to safety is embedded in our culture at Providence Saint Joseph,” said Keeler. “Our physicians, nurses and entire team of caregivers hold patient safety as a sacred responsibility and are dedicated to ensuring the highest levels of safe, quality care.”

This is the second time Providence Saint Joseph has earned the award, ranking it in the top 10% of U.S. hospitals for safety.

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