Transitional Living Center helps families find stability, safety and achieve new dreams 

Jhoana* will be the first to tell you this is not how she envisioned her life turning out. Growing up as a first-generation American, she didn’t want to repeat the patterns she’d been raised with. She wanted to pursue her version of the American dream by getting married, having children and a career.   

She thought she was taking all the right steps to achieving that dream, too. She got married and then quickly had children. She focused on being a good wife and mother and thought that as long as she kept her husband happy, everything would be okay. When he wasn’t happy and things weren’t okay, her husband’s behavior became more violent and unpredictable. Jhoana knew she had to get out.    

Like many other women and children, she and her kids found their way to the Transitions’ Transitional Living Center (TLC). TLC is dedicated to helping women with children experiencing homelessness create stability in their lives. Inland Northwest Health Services, part of Providence Washington, provides TLC funding through its community benefit program. 

Jhoana and her kids have found the stability and safety they needed and deserved. Upon arriving at TLC in 2022, Jhoana’s kids enrolled in on-site daycare, allowing her to attend counseling and pursue employment opportunities.   

After spending a little over a year at TLC, Jhoana finally feels like she is ready to move on and apply for her own apartment, which she is hoping to move into within the next few weeks.  

*A partial name was used to protect patient privacy and identity.