Providence responds to strike announcement

We firmly believe that strikes don’t settle contracts, they delay them and keep our hard-working caregivers from getting the pay, benefits and contract enhancements they deserve. They also strain the health care delivery system in our communities, which can jeopardize vital care for those who rely on us.

We’re disappointed that ONA would ask union caregivers to choose between continuing to care for our community and a strike that distracts from the important dialogue at the bargaining table, which is where contracts get settled.

Our ministries have been preparing for this unfortunate possibility and are confident they will continue to provide critical services during the strike. Our highest priority is continued access to care for those who need it. The reality is that because of the staffing challenges a strike creates, there will be services that will be limited or closed during the strike.

As we turn our full focus to preparing our ministries for strikes, we’ll return to the bargaining table once these strikes end with a continued commitment to reaching agreements on contracts that benefit our caregivers and their families.

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