Serenity room provides comforting space for patients

At the expanding oncology and hematology services inside Providence Holy Family Hospital,  caregivers are committed to supporting patients emotionally as they face unexpected health challenges. Providence Breast Health's serenity room is a comforting space to discuss next steps for treatment or process a diagnosis through counseling services. 

“A cancer diagnosis can be extremely difficult,” said Providence Breast Health clinic manager and registered nurse Aurora Pierce. “We spent a lot of time and effort to make sure our spaces feel safe and comfortable for patients to receive the support and care that they need during their cancer journey.”  

Part of that support is counseling services, available to all Providence oncology patients. Social worker Valerie Amack regularly meets with patients inside the serenity room.

“Patients tell me they appreciate having a safe space to talk about their cancer journey,” Valerie said.  “Listening to what a patient needs and finding ways to help them is the most impactful thing that I can do.”

The serenity room is located inside the Providence Breast Clinic, and is often used when breast clinic patients meet their doctor for the first time. Donations to the Providence Inland Northwest Foundation helped caregivers purchase furniture and wall décor to transform what was a patient room into a comforting space. 

“Our goal at Providence is to take care of the whole person, not just their medical diagnosis,” Aurora said. “The money donated through the Providence Foundation truly allows us to live our Mission and provide the best care for each person we encounter in our clinics. We are so thankful for the generous donations that made this space possible.”

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