Spa at St. Joseph Hospital? Ortho patient tells tale of extraordinary care

Deborah Hemsted wasn’t expecting to feel like she was at a resort spa when planning for her left hip replacement surgery. But when the 69-year-old former skier and volleyball player from Eureka arrived for surgery and looked around the short stay unit at St. Joseph Hospital, she was met with soft lights and an attentive staff.

“Everything was so clean and fresh,” said Deborah, who had struggled with chronic pain for years in both hips. “I said to a nurse, ‘I feel like I’m in a spa, where are the mimosas?’. “

Just as impressive was the skill and expertise demonstrate by her surgeon, Holly Haight, MD. Dr. Haight joined the Providence orthopedic surgery staff in February and already has established a reputation as a highly skilled surgeon with an impressive bedside manner.

According to Deborah, Dr. Haight and the nursing staff put her at ease and made her feel safe, and that everything was going to be alright.

“Dr. Haight was so kind and warm. Very personal from the sense of asking how she can help make me more comfortable. The entire staff was compassionate, thoughtful and professional. Dr. Haight even called me after surgery to ask how I was doing. Together they created such a happy atmosphere!”
When considering replacing her left hip, Deborah was hesitant to have her surgery locally. She had her right hip done at UC Davis. And while the surgery went well, the travel was not ideal, and she felt the time spent in the car afterwards greatly affected her post surgery recovery. Staying close to home was high on her list when considering surgery for her other hip.

“The car ride home from Davis was very uncomfortable. But after my surgery with Dr. Haight, the pain was so limited. I was discharged the same day and after surgery I was amazed at how little pain I had. Each day just got better and better.”

The care after surgery didn’t stop. Deborah says the post-surgery instructions from Dr. Haight and her staff have been very helpful to get her through the pain. Staff even came to her house before surgery to guide her on how to set things up so she could manage her daily schedule while she recovers.

“The entire experience has been such a gift. I love this style of medicine. I’ve been telling everyone!”