A tale of two miracles: Mother shares NICU journey

One of the first lessons you learn as a parent is that each day can bring unexpected twists and turns. For Sophie James and her husband, they learned this lesson very early in their parenting journey. 

Sophie was just 26 weeks pregnant when she experienced serious complications that required her to deliver her twins early at Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center. The premature arrival of her babies meant they faced an uphill battle in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) at Providence Sacred Heart Children's Hospital.

“Nobody gets pregnant expecting to go to the NICU,” Sophie said. 

Thankfully, they could receive their care close to home because Providence Sacred Heart Children's Hospital NICU is the area’s only level-four NICU. That means Providence teams are equipped to care for babies as young as 22 weeks gestational age. Sophie could quickly tell that her children, Cody, and Addison, were in the best hands. 

“We felt so much love and support from our doctors, nurses, respiratory therapists, and everyone else that was on our team. They helped us get through so much,” Sophie said.

Day by day, Cody and Addison grew stronger under the watchful eyes of the NICU caregivers and providers. After 109 days in the NICU for Cody, and 129 days for Addison, the twins are back home with their family.

Today, as Sophie proudly looks at her babies, she reflects on the extraordinary care they received during their early days. 

"Our team at Providence was like a second family to us," said Sophie. "Their dedication and expertise made all the difference. We couldn't be more grateful."