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  • Providence patient Ali applied to our financial assistance program to cover her medical bills related to three surgeries for a broken ankle. Our assistance program covered her expenses at 100% for six months.

  • We are committed to helping ease the burden of health care expenses so people can get the care they need without having to go into potentially life-shattering debt.

  • Financial assistance for medical bills is available through many avenues here at Providence. Read on for details and information on how to apply.

Ali was taking out the trash one morning before work when she slipped and fell on ice. She broke her ankle and ended up having three surgeries over the course of six months.

Due to her broken ankle, Ali was out of work for a month and a half with no other income. She had been working hard to pay down her debt – such as her student loan – in preparation to start a family and she knew these medical bills could be a major setback.

Ali recalls opening the first student loan bill that arrived after her injury and crying because she didn’t know how she was going to afford it. Ali said that she remembered thinking: “Is this where I lose everything? How do I afford to keep living?”

Seeking out help for medical bills

Ali knew she was going to need help. She heard about financial assistance from Providence. “From the time I received my financial assistance, I didn’t receive another bill from that moment on,” she explained. “It was extremely easy to apply; I was met with nothing with grace and compassion. It honestly saved me.”

Ali said that the Providence financial assistance program covered all of her medical bills for six months at 100% coverage.

Having that financial assistance allowed her to keep paying her student loans and keep her apartment.

Removing the financial burden of health care

Thanks to the support provided by the Providence financial assistance program, Ali and her husband are able to think about starting a family soon. “Providence is in the community to take care of the community,” Ali said. “They offer assistance when you need it – freely and happily. There’s nothing wrong with asking for assistance.”

The Providence financial assistance program for medical bills

Illness and injuries can happen suddenly, and medical bills can be difficult to pay. We don’t want this to be the reason you or your loved ones delay or forgo care.

In keeping with our mission and values, we welcome and care for all regardless of coverage or ability to pay. We believe the cost of medical bills should never get in the way of you receiving the critical care you need.

What does Providence’s financial assistance program provide?

Our financial assistance program includes:

  • A proactive approach to financial assistance that seeks to provide charity care to those who are vulnerable – including low-income patients – even if they have not applied for the financial assistance program.
  • Help applying for financial assistance and medical coverage.
  • Low cost or free care to reduce or eliminate costs for eligible patients.
  • Generous interest-free, long-term payment plan options.

In the span of two years, our financial assistance program helped to eliminate approximately $83.6 million each month from patients’ hospital bills across the states we serve.

How do health care financial assistance programs work?

We are dedicated to helping you find ways to make your care more affordable. A compassionate team of financial counselors and caregivers can meet with you to understand your unique situation and help you work through any financial issue.

Learn more about your health care assistance eligibility

If you have questions or concerns about your medical bills, please contact us to see what options may be available to help you. You can also get more information about our financial assistance program by:

  • Reading forms, brochures and billing statements that your care team provides.
  • Referring to price estimates, which also include information on financial assistance.
  • Reviewing signage in locations throughout Providence hospitals and care facilities, including admission areas, emergency rooms and financial counseling offices.
  • Speaking with financial counselors and call center employees, who can provide information. about financial assistance, payment plans and answer any other questions.
  • Visiting our financial assistance websites (See below).

Contact information for medical bills support





Apply for health care financial assistance

There are multiple ways you can apply for financial assistance, including:

  • By requesting a phone or in-person appointment with a financial counselor.
  • Through the Providence app and MyChart, our electronic medical record system.
  • Via our websites (linked above).

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