Caregiver Spotlight: Johnathan Smith creates a winter wonderland

How a hospital food and nutrition manager created an elegant and cozy meal for caregivers

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people, especially for those working in health care. That's why Johnathan Smith, Swedish Edmonds manager of food and nutrition services, decided to help make caregivers feel appreciated and relaxed during the annual caregiver holiday meal. Inspired by last year’s winter wonderland theme, Smith added understated elegance to the cafeteria and planned a menu of comfort foods with a few of his own personal design touches.

“The silver accents, the white décor bouncing off the tables covered in black tablecloths, that was my vision – understated elegance,” he said. “Nothing too over the top just something to pop and catch the eye.”

When asked how he hoped caregivers would feel this year during the annual event, he said, “Above all appreciated and that the time was taken to do something they would appreciate, love and enjoy.” He also added that he hoped to “create a little space for them to take a moment away from the chaos.”

After six months on the job, the holiday meal was also extra special for Smith because his family attended and saw him in action. “This was the first year my family was able to come to Washington to visit me, so I really went above and beyond with the personal touches to find the right pieces to elevate the space.”

The holiday meal menu included succulent New York strip loin with creamy horseradish and rosemary demi, savory portobello stack with cannellini humus, Caesar salad, herb roasted creamer potatoes, rainbow carrots, and Hawaiian rolls. For dessert, there was a choice of Satsumas, raspberry tarts, raspberry sauce, and sugar-free gluten-free pumpkin cheesecake with sugar-free whipped cream. The tables were decorated with black tablecloths and winter-themed centerpieces.

The meal was a hit with the staff, who expressed their gratitude and admiration for Johnathan and his team. Johnathan said he was happy to see the smiles on caregiver’s faces, who work hard every day to save lives and heal wounds. Johnathan is already looking ahead to next year’s holiday meal. "I’ve started making notes on how to improve next year’s event," he said.

Johnathan, who was previously a patient services manager at Providence Everett, said this was his first year in the “hot seat” and felt very nervous, but very excited, for the opportunity to lead the direction of the annual event this year. “I’m glad to hear that people are enjoying it and love the space.”

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