Leading the Way in Early Cancer Detection

Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center has opened a Multi-Cancer Early Detection Clinic, the first of its kind in the San Fernando Valley. The clinic, located in the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center, offers comprehensive risk assessments, genetic testing and personalized preventive cancer care.

Among the offerings is the Galleri blood (MCED) test, which has demonstrated the ability to detect signals of more than 50 types of cancers. When a cancer signal is detected, the test can help ascertain where in the body the cancer is located—all from a single blood draw.

“We believe that blood-based screenings for cancer are going to play a transformative role in the future of cancer screenings,” says Ora Gordon, MD, regional medical director of the Providence Center for Clinical Genetics and Genomics.

For more information about early cancer detection or genetic testing, call 818-748-4748.