Moxi collaborative robot has arrived

Don’t be surprised if you see a robot roaming the halls of Providence Centralia Hospital.  

Providence Centralia Hospital is pioneering the implementation of robotic automation within the Providence system, starting with the introduction of Moxi. With two Moxi robots deployed in Centralia, caregivers will experience newfound support, enabling them to focus on their primary role: patient care. 

What is Moxi? 

Nurses and other caregivers are now able to call on Moxi robots to help with fetching supplies, delivering lab samples, picking up medicines from the pharmacy and other tasks that improve overall clinical flows and efficiency. Automating these tasks allows nurses to spend more time with patients.  

Moxi represents the next frontier in hospital assistance. Developed by Diligent Robotics, Moxi is an innovative robot tool designed to collaborate seamlessly with healthcare professionals. Equipped with advanced machine learning capabilities and an array of sensors, Moxi navigates hospital environments autonomously, even handling doors requiring badge access. 

The next time you visit Providence Centralia Hospital, don’t be surprised if you see Moxi roaming the halls. Moxi will be busy helping our caregivers with tasks that previously took them away from the bedside. The robot will work around you, pausing to let you proceed down the hall toward your destination.