Sisters celebrate Mother Bernard House, visit St. Joseph Hospital

On April 5, four Sisters of St. Joseph from the Mother House in Orange visited Humboldt County. Sisters Mary Beth Ingham (General Superior), Marian Schubert, Mary Elizabeth Nelsen, and Nadine McGuinness came to Eureka for a reception at the newly opened Mother Bernard House.

Friday’s gathering at the Mother Bernard House, named after Mother Bernard Gosselin – foundress of the sisters of St. Joseph of Orange and responsible for opening the original St. Joseph Hospital in Eureka in 1920 – was a celebration of Mother Bernards’ faith, foresight and flexibility in serving those most in need.

According to Chief Mission Officer Elle Yeates, “These visits present a unique opportunity for us to connect on a deeper level and feel the uplifting presence of the sisters among us. Their unwavering dedication to our mission and their profound impact on the lives of those we serve cannot be overstated. We are truly blessed to have them as an integral part of our Providence family.”

The sisters traveled from southern California to visit the newly constructed 48 room supportive housing facility dedicated to serving people experiencing chronic homelessness in Humboldt County. Of the 48 units available for residents at the Mother Bernard House, six are dedicated as recuperative care units which provide short term stays for those being discharged from St. Joseph Hospital who need medical or health care follow-up and supportive services to prepare them for permanent supportive housing.

While in Humboldt, the sisters made it a priority to tour St. Joseph Hospital and round with leaders. Caregivers warmly greeted the sisters as they made their way through the hospital. Sr. Mary Beth Ingham shared stories about her time in Eureka during the 70’s and it was apparent that while some of the buildings may have changed, the spirit of Mother Bernard and the founding sisters remains the same.

Special thanks to all those involved in organizing this special event and especially to our caregivers who work at the Mother Bernard House providing critical support and services to the most vulnerable in our community! For more on the Mother Bernard House, click here.

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