Covenant Health Working to Cut Landfill Waste by 50 Percent

This Earth Day, Covenant Health is proud to share how we are actively working to protect our planet.

Covenant, along with its parent company Providence, aim to cut landfill waste and hazardous waste streams by 50% by 2030 systemwide. Thanks to the efforts of our Regional Green Team, a committee of caregivers focused on sustainable initiatives, we’re making significant strides in waste reduction.

Collaboration with Good Earth Recycling: In collaboration with Good Earth, we offer discounted residential curbside recycling services to Covenant Caregivers. We’ve also installed eight recycling collection stations throughout Covenant Medical Center and Covenant Children’s for cans and plastic bottles, emptied by Good Earth.

Partnership with Danford Family Farm: We’re currently diverting 70% of food waste from Covenant Medical Center’s kitchen to feed farm animals, resulting in soil regeneration for the farm. Covenant Children’s joined in February 2024.

Reduction of Styrofoam Use: We’re encouraging the use of reusable cups among our caregivers to minimize disposable waste.

Implementation of Green Medical Practices: We’re phasing out nitrous oxide systems in our operating rooms and encouraging the use of acceptable alternatives to Desflurane anesthetic. We’ve successfully decommissioned at Covenant Hospital Levelland, with Covenant Hospital Plainview next, and plans of full decommissioning at Covenant Medical Center and Covenant Children’s by the end of 2024.