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What is MyChart?

MyChart is a secure online portal that allows you to access your electronic medical record and send messages to your doctor directly without going to the clinic or picking up the phone. You can also:


Access your test results
No more waiting for a phone call or letter — view your results and your doctor's comments within days.


Communicate with your doctor
Get answers to your medical questions from the comfort of your own home.


Pay online
View and pay your hospital and clinic bills.


Manage your appointments
Schedule your next appointment, check in online or view appointment details.


Request prescription refills
Send a refill request for any of your refillable medications.

MyChart Access for Pediatric Patients Ages 12 and Up

It’s important for parents and teens to understand patient rights when it comes to accessing information on MyChart.

In consideration of state laws granting rights to teen patients, when a pediatric patient turns the age of 12, Providence changes MyChart settings such that the teen patient can access his or her medical records privately. This is because the child has reached the “age of majority” – meaning he or she can seek care independently for certain healthcare conditions.

Providence is required to comply with laws that protect and safeguard the privacy of a teen patient’s medical records. As such, when a child turns 12, MyChart parent/guardian proxy access to their child’s medical record transitions to “messaging only” and parents or guardians are only able to use MyChart to communicate with their child’s care team.

MyChart will send a message to the parent or guardian three months and one month before the patient’s 12th birthday alerting them of this change. As a result of these messages in MyChart, pediatric clinics may expect to receive calls from parents and guardians regarding proxy access to MyChart accounts.

FAQs for parents/guardians

Proxy access grants someone other than a patient access to the patient’s medical records in MyChart. Parents and guardians are granted proxy access to their minor child’s MyChart account until the child turns 12. In other instances, an adult (e.g., an aging senior) may grant proxy access to another adult (e.g., son or daughter) who helps care for him or her.

Note: The patient does not need to have a MyChart account of their own to grant proxy access to the proxy.

MyChart proxy access for a child aged 12 through 17 allows parents or guardians to message your child’s care teams on their behalf. It also allows a child’s provider to message the child directly, without including the proxy.

After a child turns 12, a parent/guardian will no longer be able to use MyChart for functions outside of messaging. This may include:

  • Directly scheduling appointments for their child 
  • Viewing test results for their child
  • Viewing messages sent directly to the child from their provider
  • Viewing after-visit summaries from their child’s office visit
  • Viewing immunization records for their child 

This is an organizational policy in consideration of state laws giving rights to teen patients. On a patient’s 12th birthday, Providence changes parent and guardian MyChart proxy access to “messaging only” to comply with state laws regarding the privacy of medical records for teen patients. If you need assistance adding the proxy message function to your account, please contact your child’s provider’s office.

In accordance with state laws, the “age of majority” is the age when a minor pediatric patient can seek care independently for certain healthcare conditions.

Your provider’s office can ensure you have “messaging only” access to your child’s MyChart account. However, in accordance with our organizational policy, parents/guardians may no longer have full proxy access to their child’s MyChart account after their 12th birthday.

All patients have a right of privacy regarding their health information. Once a child reaches the age of majority and can seek and consent to certain treatments on their own without the consent of a parent, Providence is required to protect the privacy of the child’s health information, even from the parent. Though we encourage teens to discuss all issues with their parents, their privacy and rights must be safeguarded. For this reason, and in accordance with state laws, parents and guardians have limited access to their child’s health information by default once they turn 12. 

Please contact your provider’s office if you would like access to message your child’s care team through MyChart.

Teen MyChart provides patients 12-17 with the following access:

  • MyChart messaging
  • Online scheduling
  • Questionnaires
  • View letters
  • View only access to allergies
  • View only access to immunizations
  • View only access to medications
  • View only access to health issues
  • Medications
  • Medical History

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