By listening to each patient, we’re able to provide the compassionate care and personalized treatment they deserve. Our audiologists administer comprehensive and diagnostic services customized for your specific hearing condition.

We understand that hearing loss and audiological diseases can develop in the early stages of infancy. Our audiologists and associates care for patients as early as six months of age, providing personalized tests and comfortable treatments. 

Providence helps you find the best hearing aid for your needs and provides proper fitting, programming, follow-up care, technical support and adjustments as you need them over time. 

Hearing loss can occur slowly, over time, but there are various treatment options available before considering a hearing aid. Our audiologists use a wide spectrum of tests to determine hearing loss. Each test is used for different reasons and helps inform treatment. Evaluations include:

  • Pure-tone air and bone conduction testing
  • Speech audiometry
  • Tests for functional hearing loss
  • Tests of children above six months developmental age (e.g., visual reinforcement audiometry and conditioned-play audiometry)
  • Immittance testing: tympanometry
  • Acoustic reflex thresholds and reflex decay
  • Tinnitus evaluation