young girl in a hospital bed

Child Life Specialists

The Child Life team at Providence provides care and comfort to children and families facing stressful health care situations.

When your child needs care or a medical procedure at the hospital, the child life specialists at Providence ease their fears and provide comfort.

Child life specialists partner with your family and your child’s entire care team to help them understand what’s happening and keep them calm.

Our child life specialists are experts in the developmental and psychological impact of illness and injury on children. Each specialist earns a bachelor’s degree in child development or another closely related field and maintains a nationally accredited certification.

At Providence, our child life team helps children and families cope with health care experiences that can be stressful. Services we offer for children include: 

  • Addressing when a child has difficulty cooperating with medicine or treatments 
  • Calming a child who is significantly distressed or fearful 
  • Coping with and preparing for medical procedures, surgery or tests 
  • Facilitating a visit with a family member who is in the hospital and providing support before and after the visit 
  • Helping a child use non-medicinal pain management techniques 
  • Offering age-appropriate play or therapeutic activities 
  • Support for a child and their family after a new diagnosis, injury or illness 
  • Support for any child dealing with the death of a loved one