Person getting an IV infusion

Infusion Pharmacy

At Providence, our priority is patient safety, patient satisfaction and quality clinical outcomes. Our pharmacists have specialized experience working with patients in the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, nutrition support, pain management and specialty infusion medications.

Our staff of clinical pharmacists, IV nurses and registered dietitians are focused on providing sterile medications and tube feeding products and supplies to patients in their homes. Our pharmacists work closely with your physician to provide medications which are administered directly into the bloodstream (intravenously). Infusion and home health nursing services are coordinated to ensure proper education, training and to monitor your care to achieve expected clinical outcomes. Home infusion pharmacy services include: 

  • IV infusion and enteral feeding therapies to patients in their homes
  • Clinical nurse, pharmacist and nutrition consulting and support services
  • Disease management and related specialized home infusion therapies
  • Nutrition services are available to high-risk patients and patients receiving nutrition through a feeding tube