Laboratory Services

Providence is committed to providing efficient and convenient laboratory services. Throughout our system of medical centers, phlebotomists and clinical laboratory scientists provide prompt and comprehensive laboratory and radiology services to patients of all ages.

Providence laboratories provide a wide range of services and specialties. With phlebotomists skilled in drawing blood, pathologists who specialize in specific specimen analysis, expert radiology technicians and highly trained laboratory personnel, our teams are able to guarantee the highest quality of laboratory service.

In order to ensure precise and accurate test results of the highest quality, our laboratories use a system of administrative and analytical procedures. Under this system, guidelines are in place for specimen collection, transportation, analysis and reporting to safeguard your vital test results.

Providence laboratories also maintain strict technical protocols to control the accuracy and precision of test results. These include pre-analytical and analytical variables as well as the monitoring of analytical quality of testing.

Doctors Specializing in Laboratory Services

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