A guide to help you along the journey of dementia

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‘Help Is Here’ Series of Books

If you’re caring for someone with dementia, the "Help Is Here" series of books offers you a practical guide to make the experience easier for you and the person you care for. Our books include examples of real-life situations that you may encounter as a caregiver, with practical advice on how to communicate and interact with people with dementia.

Our series of books

When a person has dementia, their brain begins to fail. Dementia changes the person’s behavior, and their body is affected. If you’re caring for someone with dementia, you may find it challenging and stressful. The "Help Is Here" series of books was written with you in mind. Written by a geriatrician and a family caregiver of a mother with Alzheimer’s disease, the "Help Is Here" series offers practical, realistic support for everyday situations.

The Help Is Here Project is a mission of the Providence Foundation, which owns the copyrights to all the “Help Is Here” books. All proceeds from sales fund education for those who care for people with dementia.

“Help Is Here: When Someone You Love Has Dementia” is for people who are caring for a family member who has dementia. It offers an easy way for families to learn what to expect in everyday situations and strategies to deal with these circumstances. This book is for family caregivers and generally not recommended for people with dementia. This book is different from most books about dementia because it approaches the journey the family is on from the caregiver’s point of view. You’ll learn:

  • What dementia is, the most common forms of dementia and what to expect next.
  • Things to think about soon after a family member is diagnosed with dementia, such as how to make a residence safe.
  • Ways to interact successfully with a family member with dementia, such as not arguing, so life is calmer.
  • How to manage some of the challenging behaviors of later dementia, such as refusing to bathe.
  • How to care for yourself and when you should ask for help for yourself.

Written in a conversational style with pictures and stories based on events that have happened to other family caregivers, this book offers tips that make caring for a family member with dementia easier for both the caregiver and the family member.

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The Help Is Here Project is a mission of the Providence Foundation, which owns the copyrights to all the “Help Is Here” books. All proceeds from sales fund education for those who care for people with dementia.

Si usted está cuidando a alguien con demencia, el libro "Aquí Está la Ayuda: Cuando un Ser Querido Tiene Demencia" le ofrecen una guía práctica para ayudarlo en el camino como cuidador y ofrece una manera fácil para que las familias aprendan qué esperar en situaciones cotidianas y estrategias para lidiar con estas circunstancias. Este libro es para el cuidador familiar y, por lo general, no se recomienda para personas con demencia. ¡Aquí Está la Ayuda: cuando un ser querido tiene demencia¡ ahora es disponible en Español! Esta traducción es escrita en lenguaje sencillo y adaptado culturalmente en contenidos e imágenes. Este libro es diferente de la mayoría de los libros sobre demencia porque aborda el viaje en el que se encuentra la familia desde el punto de vista del cuidador. En este libro aprenderá:

  • Qué es la demencia, los tipos más comunes de demencia y qué esperar después
  • Cosas en que pensar inmediatamente después de que un miembro de la familia es diagnosticado con demencia, tal cómo mantener una casa segura
  • Maneras de interactuar efectivamente con un miembro de la familia con demencia para que la vida sea más tranquila, tal como no discutir
  • Cómo manejar algunos de los comportamientos desafiantes de la demencia avanzada, tal como negarse a bañarse
  • Cómo cuidarse a usted mismo y cuándo debería pedir ayuda para usted, el cuidador familiar

Escrito en un estilo conversacional con imágenes e historias basadas en eventos que realmente les sucedieron a otros cuidadores familiares, este libro ofrece a los cuidadores consejos que facilitan el cuidado de su familiar con demencia para ellos y para su familiar con demencia.

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El proyecto Help Is Here es una misión de la Fundación Providence, que posee los derechos de autor de todos los libros de “Help Is Here.” Todas las ganancias de las ventas financian la educación de quienes cuidan a personas con demencia.

“Help Is Here: When a Resident Has Dementia” is for all staff members in senior residences who are caring for residents with dementia. This book could be useful for everyone from dining staff and personal caregivers to building and maintenance workers and administrative staff. It is full of examples of situations that happen at senior residences and how to handle them effectively. In this book, you’ll learn:

  • Why care staff are so important to residents who have dementia.
  • What dementia is and the most common forms of dementia.
  • How to deal with tough situations when caring for residents who have dementia.
  • When to discuss a resident’s behavior with a supervisor.
  • Ways to have a good relationship with a resident’s family members.
  • What staff members can do to care for themselves.

By understanding dementia and how to interact effectively with residents with dementia, you’ll be more successful and happier in your role.

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The Help Is Here Project is a mission of the Providence Foundation, which owns the copyrights to all the “Help Is Here” books. All proceeds from sales fund education for those who care for people with dementia.

“Help Is Here: When a Resident Has Dementia – Leader Manual” is a guide for staff leaders in senior residences to teach their teams about caring for people with dementia. It provides an easy and interactive way to teach staff in every department at a senior residence center about how to care for residents who have dementia.

Each chapter includes:

  • Questions to ask staff.
  • Suggested answers.
  • Two short, easy skits to act out and discuss.

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The Help Is Here Project is a mission of the Providence Foundation, which owns the copyrights to all the Help Is Here books. All proceeds from sales fund education for those who care for people with dementia.

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Marian O. Hodges, M.D., and Anne P. Hill

Marian O. Hodges, M.D., is a retired geriatrician who saw patients for 30 years in an outpatient clinic at Providence Health & Services. In addition, she taught geriatric medicine to internal medicine residents and primary care providers for her entire career. She also was a physician ethicist at the Providence Center for Health Care Ethics and board-certified in both geriatric medicine and internal medicine.

Anne P. Hill is a retired lawyer who cared for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s disease. Anne brought her mother to see Dr. Hodges. Before each visit, she would fax Dr. Hodges updates with questions about her mother’s condition, which helped Dr. Hodges support Anne and her mother. Soon a bond was forged between the doctor and the daughter. After her mother died nearly 10 years later, Anne met Dr. Hodges for coffee and explained that when she had undergone treatment for breast cancer, every doctor she met with gave her a notebook describing what to expect during her treatment. She wondered why she never received a notebook about what to expect with her mother’s dementia. After Anne described how isolated family caregivers can be, Dr. Hodges and Anne decided to write a book about dementia for doctors to give to family caregivers. "Help Is Here: When Someone You Love Has Dementia" was born.

Understanding a person’s values can improve care

Marian Hodges, M.D, explains why it’s crucial to understand what matters to senior patients. She says that by knowing what seniors value, caregivers can help optimize their quality of life.

What people are saying about “Help Is Here”

“I cannot thank you enough for ‘Help Is Here.’ It validates the signs we have been noticing and offers concrete, practical coping strategies. I have shared it with my dad and sister, and I think it helped us to acknowledge that this is real, and that some of the things we have been doing now need to change to best support my mom. What a gift!” – C.S.

“This book pulls no punches about how hard it can be, being a caregiver to a loved one with dementia. But that is exactly why it is so necessary. Anyone in the role of caregiver should read this book and follow its guidance – especially about forming a care circle for oneself! The text is written very accessibly and is just enough information – not too long. A great tool for caregivers and a gift for those who need a nudge to take care of THEMSELVES while caring for others.” – Amazon purchaser

"Written like a conversation with others who have been there before you, 'Help Is Here' is a down-to-earth, practical guide that helps answer the 'Now what?' questions that you'll have when you’re caring for your loved one with dementia. It offers helpful suggestions and techniques for everything from managing doctor visits to knowing when you need a care facility. 'Help Is Here' walks you through what you need to know and when you will need it. No one should make this care journey without it." – Mark T.

"The wealth of information in 'Help Is Here' has been a godsend to the families of my patients and my own family members who are caring for a loved one with dementia. Families tell me they use the book as an ongoing reference, particularly during those last years of declining function. Thank you!" – Marianne Parshley, M.D.

"This is a valuable book for anyone who has a loved one with dementia. The section on caregivers is especially helpful. It explains that when the caregiver is healthy, the person with dementia benefits. Thanks for giving me that permission!" – Kathleen L.

" 'Help Is Here' has been an invaluable resource for the caregivers of my patients with dementia. Families have thanked me time and again for giving them this book to help support them and their loved ones." – Kristin Kocher, M.D.