Cancer female with headband smiling at phone with a caregiver

Nurse Navigators

Nurse navigators at Providence provide a wealth of information and support to patients and families. Navigating cancer treatment options can be overwhelming. Still reeling from the news, patients are often frightened, full of questions and unaware of their options as they enter cancer treatment. Our experienced nurse navigators understand "the system" and act as patient advocates, helping cancer patients navigate their treatment and advance from one stage of survivorship to the next.

At Providence, patients can call upon helpful, compassionate guides who will assist them in finding their way through cancer treatment. They provide a key link between patients and medical providers.

By working directly with oncologists, surgeons, radiologists and other clinicians, nurse navigators help patients understand and follow their cancer treatment plans. This type of guidance has been shown to improve treatment outcomes for patients. By having someone else to lean on and lead the way, patients are able to focus on getting well.

Your navigator provides a number of services that include:

  • Consultations with you and your family to assess medical and emotional needs
  • Coordinate cancer support groups and help in accessing educational and support services
  • Continued support after cancer treatment