Arrangements of fruits and vegetables

Nutritional Counseling

Clinical dietitians at Providence are dedicated to teaching patients how to make nutritionally-sound food choices no matter their disease or condition. Whether to speed up your recovery process, help you prevent disease, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, our registered dietitians can put you on the path to optimal health.

Dietitians monitor, assess and diagnose nutritional problems and develop interventions to optimize your nutrition based on your current medical condition and nutrition adequacy.

Nutrition counseling covers a wide spectrum, from primary care physicians working with patients to develop lifestyle changes that include healthful eating to inpatient care that includes specialized programs to meet individual needs such as vitamin-deficiencies or special low-glucose or low-sodium diets.

Through professional collaboration with physicians and health care professionals, the nutrition experts at Providence coordinate and tailor your health plan, providing optimal outcomes for your nutritional and medical needs.

It is important to follow your care team's instruction for special diets, including avoiding foods that may counteract some medications.